Saturday, October 15, 2016

You are now entering #Haven - A place to leave your 'troubles' behind

Recently we took a trip to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. I have already highlighted DC's favorite parts of the trip but now, here are my favorite places and sights -

To satisfy the Geek in me, we go "In Search Of" ................................

HAVEN, MAINE (Chester, Halifax and Lunenburg, Canada)

The Peggy's Cove Lighthouse - not the only lighthouse used in Haven - The Lunenburg lighthouse was also used, but we never did find that one.

 Our first find was the Gazebo - Home of the Haven Farmer's Market - next to the Chester Yacht Club

The Lido pool was right in the same area..

Up the street from there were the main roads where many of the store fronts were used on location.

DC skipping down Queen Street (heading to lunch)

Here was have The Haven Herald

 Not the Grey Gull but it will have to do. We looked for it on the way from Peggy's Cove but never found Tilley's Cove where the building is located.
 Dave and Vince's  Boat House???

After leaving Chester we drove to Lunenburg.

Lunenburg was a very cute little town.

Now, I'm sure the people that took the opening shot of Haven's coast had access to a helicopter or an exceptionally good camera - that is not the case here. But trust me - this is it.

The Town Hall Gazebo used in many episodes 

(Fun Fact: This Park and Gazebo was also used in the Christmas Movie - A Town without Christmas)

Haven Police Department - Haven PD - The Town Hall side was used for the Haven PD.
The back side (which I didn't get a photo of because DC was being affected by the "crabby-trouble" - Where is Audrey when you need her?), which is the Court House was used as the Haven Court House.
More info about Haven - 

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