Wednesday, February 22, 2017

You're in my spot #YoureInMySpot


We all know that DC has his "spot" at the kitchen table. No one can sit in his chair, nor can one put anything down in his spot. Next to his spot is another chair that holds the books he must have beside him when he is in his "spot" (so technically he had two spots). 
This morning DC was putting on his shoes while sitting in "Spot Number One" while I was LEANING on the chair at "Spot Number Two" ....... Leaning. 
DC: Mom, something is bothering 'you'.
Me: What's bothering you (not expecting to get an answer other than "Nothing wrong") -
DC: My chair!
(He told me what was wrong!!!!!)
#NoSpotsLeftForMe #HeIsTakingOver

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Previously on "You're in my spot" 

Doug brought his laundry over. DC was sitting in the kitchen on his computer in "his spot". Doug put his unfolded laundry on the couch. DC, done with the computer, decided he would come and sit on the couch in the spot which is also his... He stood there and pointed until Doug moved his laundry to the kitchen, unfortunately to the chair that DC just vacated. DC could not relax in his spot in the living room while Doug's clothes were in his spot in the kitchen. This is a picture of DC waiting and watching while Doug folded his clothes. He did not leave the doorway until all of Doug's laundry was out of his spot.... #IGuessWeKnowWhoIsInChargeHere

Because no is allowed to sit in his chair in the kitchen (even if he is not in it) or his "spot" on the couch, I thought we'd make it official. #bigbang


Doug, who can't seem to get over the fact that DC needs so many black sharpies (we've been over this) decided to #1. Sit in DC's chair and #2. Pull all of his black markers out to show me (as If I didn't know) just how many he has just in the cup on the table. 
DC was getting anxious so I told Doug to just put them back and get out of his spot. Well apparently, Doug not moving and not putting them back in the cup properly (forgetting to lay out a chosen few on the table) was too much for DC to bear so he climbed right over him as if he wasn't sitting there to "fix" it. AND #YoureInMySpot 


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