Friday, February 24, 2017

Calendars and #ItsWhatsNext

DC has his favorite places to buy used books. He had been bugging Mrs. H to go to one specific store all summer. She told him (because on camp days there isn't a lot of time left over after she picks him up from camp and gets him home) that they would go 'one day' when camp ended for the summer. Well camp ended on Friday and this morning DC made it known to me that he had added it to the calendar for this afternoon - the very first Monday of no camp. If it's on the calendar it is engraved in stone.


Valentine's Day is over (all I heard about since the calendar changed to February).

Dinner with BB and his family is over (all I heard about after Valentine's Day was over)...

Moving on to "DC's 'Twenty-Sixteenth' Birthday is coming soon" (it is weeks away)

Apparently, we are skipping right over mine..... #ItsWhatsNext

Previously on Calendars and It's What's Next:

Earlier this month - February:

Clearly, DC was distracted this morning... He didn't even think about changing the calendars until 730am! Usually it's his first thought in the morning. Not to worry though, they all got changed over and the Happy 'Val-lum-times' Day greetings are well underway...#ItsWhatsNext

"Mom! Happy 'Val-lum-times' Day coming soon two weeks!" 
(Repeat every 10 minutes) - in case any of you were not aware and need to update your calendar......
You are welcome! #ItsWhatsNext



He actually waited until this morning to change the calendar ..... we're moving on....

Calendar changed by 5:45 am
Thanksgiving Reminders began at 5:46 am #ItsWhatsNext

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Dc just walked in the door. He's no longer talking about 'Fanksgiving' - he has resorted to just pointing at the date on the calendar until I confirm... 
One......More......Night of this and it's over until he finishes eating tomorrow when he will move on to "Going home on Friday" and then on to "Christmas is coming soon" 24/7

As predicted... dinner over ....
"Mom, we are going back home on Friday" - repeat, every half hour. #ItsWhatsNext

We arrived home less than a half hour ago...
"Mom! I am so exciting for Christmas is coming soon!"

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*All Calendars changed by 5:45 am.
*One lost thumbtack.
*One 'boy' who would not get in to the shower until said thumbtack was found and calendar re-hung.
*Found another thumbtack to hang the calendar to get him in the shower.
*One shower taken
*One lost thumbtack located (ouch!)

*First reminder of "Christmas is coming soon, later after that"
Happy December!

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