Thursday, November 21, 2019

Spontaneous Phone Use....

I wrote a post a little while back about DC using the phone spontaneously.

He had done it once before; one time that I was sure it was a spontaneous call.

There have been a few others, but they were years apart and I was never really sure that it was entirely his idea to call me.

(See: The Little Things That Aren’t So Little)

Needless to say, I was thrilled when I wrote that post.

But Wait! There Was More!

Only a few short weeks later....
DC was out with his Dad. 

When his Dad brought him home at the end of the day, they found the front door locked.

I had gone out earlier that afternoon.

I left and came home through the garage and had forgotten to unlock the front door again.

I was washing dishes so I did not hear them knock over the running water, AC and the TV, but I did hear my phone ring.

It was DC telling me he was home and to open the door!

(I did ask his Dad if he decided to call on his own and Yes, Yes he did!!!)


I have been working on this for years. I want it to occur to him that he can use the phone if he ever needs help, if he needs anything. I wanted him to think to use his phone if he needed to.

He did not always think that way. He used his phone when he was supposed to or when he was told to.

It was never a thought in his mind that he could also use it when he wanted to our needed to.

Finally, Finally, I think he's got it. 

Knowing he will call me or someone else if he should need help, takes a little part of that load off of my mind.

You can read more about our progress (or sometimes, lack there of) over the years, right here:
The Telephone


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Friday, November 15, 2019

"Hair-Dish-On" (Air Conditioner) Battle 2019

In honor of the last 'hair-dish-on' coming out just this week; here is a re-post of the 'hair-dish-on' battle from two years ago. It pretty much goes the same way every year....

I tell him "not yet" because "Mom is sweating to death" and he  then finds a number of ways to ask and ask and ask again to find out just when they will be coming out, or to remind me, just in case I forget that they need to come out.


Sunday, November 12, 2017

'Hair-dish-on" is GONE!

For those who might be new here... DC hates the air conditioner ('Hair-dish-on' in DC-speak). He has never been a fan but this summer it seemed to be bothering him a little bit more. Let me also say that I, living in "Hot Flash Hell" was not ready to let it go.

Just.  Could. Not. Do. It.

(You can read the previous post on the subject here: Is it Hot in Here or Is It Just Me?

The Battle Told via Facebook Statuses

Moving out of August and into September:
So the battle of the "Hair-dish-on" (air conditioner) rages on....

DC figured out how to turn it off (it isn't hard, I just never realized that he was paying attention). As soon as he decides he is going to bed he shuts the air conditioner off in the living room... He's not going to be in the living room; he's not going to be on the same floor - but apparently it needs to be off. END.OF.DAY... for him.
It makes no difference that I am still going to be downstairs ..... I think he thinks he's making headway... a little bit at a time. 
So far, he has not attempted to turn off the one in my room...

Facebook Status 9/27/17

And.... into October

DC: Mom, this is the kitchen.
This is the living room. 
(Pointing at the ceiling) DC's room (pointing again) Mom's room. 
Me: (wondering what this is all about) Yes. 
DC: October - almost Halloween. 
Me: Yes.
DC: take 'Hair-dish-on' out.
(Air conditioner )
Me: Not yet but we're getting there - maybe November.
(Apparently he was trying to distract me from his asking about the air conditioner again - just threw it in amongst all of the other info he was spouting.)
Now he's off to change the calendars....
Happy #calendarflipday

Facebook Status 10/1/17


He's searching for any little gleam of hope

(This morning) Me: DC please get a jacket. It’s a little chilly this morning. It will probably get warmer later so don’t forget to bring it home.
DC: Mom will put the ‘Hair-dish-on’ away. (Air Conditioner)
(It is not even on. Now it’s just the fact that it is there)
#NotYet #SeeingTheLightAtTheEndOfTheTunnel #IsItHotInHereOrIsItJustMe

Facebook Status 10/2/17


For the last 3 or 4 mornings I had to force DC to wear a jacket. It's been a little chilly in the mornings (I did not need a jacket, myself - in case anyone was wondering #IsItHotInHereOrIsItJustMe ).
Summer seems to have returned so I did not tell him to wear his jacket this morning. The van pulled out of the driveway and I watched it turn back around to come back (Oh boy! What is wrong? It's not even Monday) - The driver opened his window and says, "He wants his hoodie". In the hopes of keeping the morning moving along I told him to tell DC that it is warm out and he didn't need it.
I could see him talking into the back seat, but he turned back to the window and yelled: "Nope, he's getting out"
DC came charging up the sidewalk to get the hoodie that I had to force him to wear all week. I told him that he didn't need it. He wasn't hearing any of it.
He was determined to wear this jacket, no matter what. There is no flip-flopping between seasons or changing of the weather.
#SummerIsOver 'Hair-dish-on' OUT! (a little bit of wishful thinking on his part)

Facebook Status 10/5/17


Mom! Halloween is coming! 'Fanksgiving' is coming! Next Christmas is coming! 
'Hair-dish-on' AWAY in November!

I think I might understand his complete preoccupation with the air conditioner this year. 

He never liked it but he put up with it. Getting rid of it was never this urgent.

Two things come to mind.

1. I have left them in much longer the last few years (for reasons discussed at the beginning)

2. Last year, we went away for Columbus Day Weekend. Before we left, we took the A/C's out because we were getting new windows. He thought he was home free. Within a week, I had to put them back in again. I think that just ruined it forever for him.

October 6, 2017

It's November - DC just announced that the 'hair-dish-on' should be out. I had previously told him that it would be sometime in November, so I guess to him that means RIGHT NOW! 

Facebook Status 11/2/17


The Light at the end of the tunnel

At least he gave me a day before he began harping about November and the Air Conditioner.
It was getting cooler out and I did (gasp) have to turn on the heat a little bit, once. 
Unfortunately for DC, it got warm again. I told him just one more week, to be safe.

He hasn't written it on the calendar yet, so technically next week is not engraved in stone, but I believe "technically" will not matter in this case. I really hope we don't have some kind of freak heatwave or something because they really have to come out now that I gave a specific time frame.

I have my fingers crossed...

Gone!!! Gone!! Gone!!!

November 8, 2017

He opted for helping to take the air conditioner out over a trip to the library!

As it turned out.... there was time for both...........

Friday, November 1, 2019

It's a Wrap - Halloween 2019

You all know that DC loves Halloween, so I won't go through that whole bit.

A Costume for every party and another for Halloween itself.

As someone who has ALWAYS loved Halloween, I am all for it.

The costume parade is not as long as it used to be with less and less parties and events to attend, but we still managed four wardrobe changes this season, so we are still happy.

You may have seen his first pick in my last post "Another Week (or so) In The Life".

He decided out of the clear "blue" sky (see what I did there?) that he wanted to be Sully from Monsters Inc. for his camp party.

Other than the fact that I haven't seen him watch, read or even mention Monster's Inc, I thought it was a good choice for that particular party. It is normally a bit cold at camp so this would be perfect.

Not only did he choose a costume that was from a 19 year old movie that I hadn't heard him mention recently, but another camper had the same idea. What are the chances of him meeting another Sully at the party?

(19 year old film is not all that odd for DC - he was "Jim Dear" from Lady and the Tramp last year)

It was not as chilly as is usually is at camp so we definitely should have saved this costume for his next wardrobe change...

Moving on....

Camp Fundraiser:

FB Status 10/26/19

Heading to the camp fundraising table. This is the extra, just in case costume we get... just in case.
It’s a King but with Mr. Disney around a plain and simple king costume can be many different characters.
DC says that he is King Stefan (from Sleeping Beauty), so that is exactly who he is!

Let me tell you... It was FREEZING! 

We don't wear coats over costumes. It's a rule. Look it up.
We stuff as much as possible under the costume.  He was wearing thermal underwear, pants and more than one shirt over the thermals but the "boy" can't ever leave his sleeves down.

If he could push the sleeves up on a winter coat, he will and does.

FB Status 10/27/2019

After many years of searching for an adult Chip costume, I found one last year. Then, whatever event he was going to wear it (with Mrs. Potts, of course) got cancelled or something. He finally got to wear it this year with his Buddy at the Best Buddies Walk.

(She saved me from having to wear it on Halloween)

It rained the day of the walk, but there just happens to be a parking garage right on the grounds where they usually hold the walk it so the walk went on.

It was a 'little' (a LOT) louder than usual, being basically indoors with music playing, all of the people and games crowded into that small of an area. We had to walk around to the other side of the garage to find some quiet a few times but in the end, he had a great time.

And Finally - it was Halloween.

FB Status 10/31/19

To you, he’s a Wizard. To DC, he’s Merlin from “Disney’s Sword and The Stone”. He’s dressed way too early. The rain seems to be taking a little break but the wind is picking up.
Happy Halloween! #AllDisneyAllOfTheTime 

(19 year old movie? That was nothing... We're hitting 46 years with this one)

He had fun with this friends Trick-Or-Treating. He was very proud of his costume....
even though no one called him Merlin.

Only 364 Day Until Halloween!

(The photo at the head of this post is the driveway to camp. I look forward to seeing it with all of the leaves changing every year. There used to be trees lining both sides of the driveway which made it even more spectacular looking in the fall.
Still pretty even now that they are gone)


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