Friday, November 30, 2018

Rudolph's Santa???

DC, while purchasing his 16th  copy of Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer at his favorite “away for the weekend, day after Thanksgiving store”, turned to me and said

“Santa was not a very nice man”. 

I was a little surprised by that and asked “what do you mean?”

He pointed to his Rudolph book on the counter and said again, “Santa was not a very nice man”. 

And you know what?

DC is correct.

Santa was not a very nice man in his treatment of Rudolph and Hermey, for being different.

In the end, Santa did not really learn anything and it was only because he needed their help that he decided to accept them. 

I was kind of impressed (and sad at the same time) that he recognized this.

It's funny the things we never think about in all of these old Christmas stories.

I kind of felt bad that we've always thought of these stories as classic and  "heartwarming" Christmas tales. Here we are cheering on Santa for finally coming around to common human decency.

We've come a long way over the years, not quite far enough, but here's hoping. .

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Friday, November 2, 2018

Mom! I am getting very nervous about this!

The clocks go back one hour on Sunday.

This does not mean I will actually get that extra hour of sleep, but as every year, I will try to be optimistic and look forward to it until it does not happen.

One day I will be surprised and DC will sleep the extra hour.

As the days grow darker and shorter, I can predict exactly what will happen around here besides me not getting to sleep that extra hour -

Oops, I lost that optimism for a minute.

Okay, I am back.

Although DC is getting a little better at reading the clock and telling time, the clock and what time the clock reads does not have much of an effect on him as you might imagine.

He does not get upset if the clock is wrong (as he does when the calendar is not changed immediately)

He will not notice if I forget to change one (again; unlike the calendar).

He will still ride in my car, where the clock is almost always wrong.

This might lead you to believe that I am home free with the whole clock/time change.


Although the actual "clock"  time does not mean all that much to DC; he does have a pretty good internal clock.

It is going to get dark earlier.

He is going to notice.

He will be at the door as soon as he notices that it is getting dark way ahead of his schedule.

He will be convinced there is a storm coming.

Every day.

For weeks.

No amount of explanation ahead of time, keeps this from happening  Every . Single . Year.

No amount of explanation while he is opening and closing the door 20 times every night, will change this.

Mom! I am getting very nervous about this!

We just have to ride it out along with him waking up an hour early until he gets used to it.

I'm not a fan of the time change.

And......... Don't forget to Vote on Tuesday!


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This blog is used for shorter posts, off topic posts and also for longer Face book statuses. Please visit my official blog site at: Taking it a Step at a Time