Friday, June 30, 2017

That means?

(Random Facebook posts pertaining to "That Means?")

DC asks "That Means?" often, when he is reading. Most of the time he already knows what "that" means and other times I find myself going on and on trying to find the easiest explanation, to the point that I have to stop and wonder how he's learned what anything means with me being the one doing the explaining.

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A few days ago DC somehow figured out from one of his books that the word “Sympathy” in a way means “sorry”. So on that day, DC was “in sympathy” for sneaking chips.

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********* Then there was that time when I blurted out a profanity while driving (which to be honest, is really nothing new).
DC repeated it, loudly and asked "That means?" 

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow #Autism #Storms

Over the last few years, one of the newer developments in DC's storm perseveration is having to watch and yell "Storm Go Away".  It used to be he would get in storm position on the couch with his book or his iPad (this is not to say that he actually read or watched anything - he was busy scripting about the storm, over and over and over again, but the intent was there). 

Facebook From Facebook Statuses May 31, 2017
"He's starting to get anxious about the thunder (that I don't even hear yet). He's been to every window and door in the house and then broke into song. 
( I just now heard the first boom of thunder and "Vickie!!! COME HERE!!!) #TheSunWillComeOutTomorrow "


Yesterday I switched the channel to news after DC left for work for the 10 minutes I had before I had to leave for work. I forgot to switch it back when I shut the TV off.

When we got home, and switched the TV on, DC who wasn't even in the room... started.

"Mom! Change the channel!"
Pointing and staring
"Change the channel"

It just so happened that there was something on that I wanted to see so I told him I would change it in a minute.....

More pointing, staring and standing right in front of it. "No News! Change the Channel!"
And even more pointing and staring....

We had been out at a camp meeting so it was close to 8 pm. I told him he needed to go up and take a shower. He went upstairs. I got the water to the correct temp for him and I was in my room folding clothes (I still stand around close to the bathroom the whole time he is in the shower in case of a seizure).

He took his shower, got out and I heard him "Mom, DC is very nervous" 

I had forgotten about the TV and really could not even hear it upstairs.

What are you nervous about?

"Change the channel! No news! No 'Wea-ver'"

Me: Okay, I am going to change the channel right now.

Those of you that are new here probably do not know that I am not allowed to watch the news without bringing about total anxiety.. In DC's mind, the news means the weather and watching the weather can only bring a storm!

I just got home from work today and it is looking pretty shaky outside. It's been so hot, I am sure whatever is coming will include Thunder and Lightning ......

This will not be any fun at all because last night's anxiety was NOTHING compared to what is coming.
And yes, I do understand now that it will be all my fault for turning on the news yesterday...... Completely my fault...

#ItsAllMyFault #NoStormToday #WhatsMySuperPower

From FB Statuses 6/13/2017

On Monday night we had a pretty good storm here, complete with wind, torrential rain, thunder and lightning.
DC, in-between yelling for me and telling me he was "Nervous", "Scared" and the many other things he will repeat over and over again, started the standing in the doorway and running to the window routine.
The singing began; "Tomorrow", of course.... but then surprisingly enough, he went into "Here Comes the Sun". 
I was shocked because DC really does not know all that many songs that are not based in Disney. 
Me: DC, how do you know that song?
DC: (stops singing)The Parent Trap (resumes singing)

Even in the midst of a storm, he can still come up with something relating to Disney.

It was nice to switch things up a bit....

That would be the Lindsay Lohan remake for those of you who are not versed in all things Disney.

More about the 'wea-ver' 

The Struggle is Real - More about the 'Wea-ver"


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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Two years ago today..... #Seizures

A not-so-happy memory

Face Book Memory - Two years ago today. 

Three hours after posting the status above, DC had his first seizure in the hotel lobby. 

Thankfully the staff (and Doug) knew what was going on as while he was seizing upright, I did not know what was happening, until he was on the floor and continued seizing for more than 4 minutes.

Four minutes is an eternity when you are helplessly watching as your child seizes.

Seven weeks later he would have another of the same length at camp. 

The only thing worse than witnessing your child having a seizure of this magnitude, is not being there with him when it happens.....

He is on medication now and so far, so good.

Even though I know there is no schedule or rhyme or reason, I am still feeling a bit of anxiety today...

Facebook Statuses 6/14/17

"He is on medication now and so far, so good."

This is not to say that I still do not stand right outside the bathroom door when he is in the shower just in case.

This is not to say that the padding and corner guards all over the furniture have been removed (some are quite worn in some spots, but they have not been removed.

This is not to say that he does not wear a protective baseball hat to work every day.

This is not to say that I do not remind him NOT to lock the door (after many years of teaching him to lock the door) in a public restroom so I can get in if there is a problem.

This is not to say that I do not panic a bit when he says something odd or not like him or when he is overly happy for any length of time.

This is not to say that I still don't panic when my phone rings when we are not together.

This is not to say that I have not thought about it every . single . day since.

This is not to say that I don't know that medication works until it doesn't.....

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Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Phone and The Routine

Memories of the New Phone

Did not think that this would go well in any way, shape or form. I started him out with a Tracfone because I was sure he would lose it or break it.... Once again, he surprised me. He did not lose it, he did not break it and he remembered to take it with him every day (in his pocket - I might add. He hates to have anything in his pockets!) - AND He remembered to call me every day when he was leaving school. Six years later, he still "works from a script" when he calls and the spontaneous phone calls are still not there; but - the bottom line is that HE DID IT! (FB Memories - 6 years ago today)

FB Statuses 6/10/17

Reporting to Mom
DC attends an after camp program once a week on Tuesday nights. The program also runs on Thursday nights but it's difficult getting him there. 
Both DC and *Salli were invited to attend Thursday night this week. It is Christmas week at the program. They had decorated the tree on Tuesday night and the director wanted them to be there for Christmas dinner on Thursday. 
I had some appointments early in the day and since Thursday is the day I have to leave work early to be home for his transportation, it didn't make sense to go in, so I scheduled the day off. This worked out perfectly because I could go and pick up DC at his "job" and drive him to camp.
DC calls me everyday when his transport arrives to pick him up at work and again when he gets home (Mrs H is already there). He is so programmed to do this that there have been times when he has called me to tell me he was home while I was in the next room.
We were almost at camp when DC pulled out his phone. I didn't think much of it. I thought he was going to look at his friend's pictures on Facebook.
Then my phone rang:
Me: Hello
DC: Hello Mom, I am going to camp nowwwwww.
Me: I know! I'm right here next to you!
DC: Great! (Pause) *Salli's mother *Tonya will pick me up.
Me: Yes, Salli's Mom will pick you up.
DC: Mom will be home. (I'm not allowed to go anywhere in his mind, when he is not home. He likes to make sure I am staying home and will be home when he gets back)
Me: yes I will be home.
DC: Goodbye Mom. See you later.
Me: I'm right here.
DC: see you later!
He hangs up.

FB Statuses 6/29/2016

Things I should know by now (Ornament Hunting - Clues)

Ornament #2 in the 2015 ornament hunt. The clue: "Oh no! It's time to call the Dr." - After first telling me he was calling 911 (yikes, I really have to think more about the clues I'm giving) - he went to the phone and found the Dr. 911, not necessary...

FB Statuses 12/12/2015

I am home 'again'

Phone Rings:
DC: Hi Mom, I am home.
Me: Hi, DC. Is Mrs. H there yet? (I knew she wasn't, but would be there in seconds - but still I like to try to get the correct replies)
DC: No.
Me: Did you lock the door?
DC: Yes
Me: Did you lock the door?
DC: No.
Me: Please go and lock the door. You are supposed to lock the door as soon as you come home. Don't hang up!
DC: Okay (He hangs up).
and second later the phone rings
DC: Hi Mom, I am home again!

FB Status 4/16/2015  (Before Seizures when he was trained (years and years of training) to be able to be home for 10 minutes before his aide arrived)

I Sorry Steve.
So DC was having a "moment" for reasons that I just don't really know, when his Best Buddy, Steve called. DC, of course is always happy to hear from Steve but he was just as I said, having a moment.
After I talked to Steve and hung up, I told DC that he had been very rude.
First he went back to the phone picked it up and said "I'm sorry Steve" - I told him that Steve wasn't there anymore.
Next DC presented me with this:
(yes, I did text it to Steve)

FB Statuses 2/26/17

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