Friday, August 18, 2017

DC's Restaurant Stories & Etiquette

DC loves nothing more than going "out to eat". 

As he will tell you himself, he usually does a "good job".

Below are a few Facebook statuses on eating out with DC.


At the restaurant on the way home yesterday..

Waiter: Hello, My Name is "Blank". 

I'll be your server today. 

Can I start you off with some drinks?

DC: Hello there, I burped!

One of those out of the clear blue sky statements: 
DC: DC will open a restaurant of my own
Me: Really? What will be on the menu?
DC: pizza and wings and garlic bread
(I can't believe he won't have burgers on his menu!)


No Turkey Legs at the carving station but the restaurant walls lined with books help ease the pain 


We went out to dinner earlier tonight. 
DC: "Mom, I did a good job at eating
As if eating is ever a big concern....



Waitress: how do you want your burger
DC: Good!

Going to have lunch today with DC at his
"job". He's excited because he knows he 
gets to have a cheeseburger....... should 
I be upset that I don't rate as highly as a cheeseburger?

CODE RED!!!! Cheesecake Factory ran out of ....
Wait for it.... CHICKEN WINGS!


Text is difficult to read: Stayed to have lunch with DC after his IP (no E) 
meeting yesterday. He started asking for my chips early on...
DC: (ordering) I want #19, hamburger
#21, bacon
#22, cheese
#25, French fries 
and share Mom's chips...
(There's never any sharing, he takes them all😃)


We went out to dinner tonight and as he does - DC, as soon as he is finished announced that he had to use the restroom.
Now, he does this all of the time. He's done eating and has nothing left to do. It does not matter if anyone else is still eating. He sees a restroom and he has to use it. Period.
Doug was just about finished eating so I asked DC if he could wait a few minutes until Doug finished, so his food would not be sitting there getting cold as DC spends forever in the restroom singing show tunes. He agreed and went back to editing his book. 

The SECOND Doug put down his fork, DC called the waitress over (I did not know why because I told him that since he had a whoopie pie waiting at home, he was not going to be ordering dessert).

"Excuse me! May I go to the bathroom please?" 


To add insult to injury Doug says, "His mother wouldn't let him go so I guess he figured he'd ask you."


We went to dinner last night at "Chill's" (DC-speak - Chili's).
With no discussion beforehand, he called to the waitress:

"Excuse me, Miss?"

She stops - "Yes?"

DC: "May I go to the 'restroom' please?"

I guess he decided to just skip over us entirely this time and go right to the top.

I am hoping this does not become his new thing....

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