Sunday, August 27, 2017

DC's Musical Selections

When traveling or just going to the library or grocery store, the music selection is of the utmost importance...
Since he was a baby, music has always been important to DC (see: I got the music in me)
Fortunately for me, his favorites these days are not just strictly from Disney, but Disney does continue to pop in depending on the mood of the day.

So..... "Come right in. Sing along" with my favorite Facebook Statuses....

DC approved traveling music... #DoctorHorrible
(June 2016 - Vacation Driving)
Facebook Status


(Text: Today's musical driving selection; Shrek the Musical. Today was also full of "That means?".
DC, reading the CD cover; "Overture - That Means." (He knows what it means he just wants me to explain it again.)
He moved on to song titles and asked "That means" for each and every song. 
Next: "Reprise: That means"
I explained that a reprise is when they play the same song again later in the show.
I was driving so I could not read the CD cover and I may be wrong but there seemed to be an awful lot of reprises on this CD. 
I think I'm being played.......
#BeKindRewind #SameSongOverAndOverAndOver )
Facebook Status (August 2017)

Speaking of Shrek the Musical, I once had a clip of DC singing "Morning Person" at Best Buddies Karaoke - Since I can not find it anywhere; here's the original version....


DC's musical selection for the car today is "Bye Bye Birdie" (Grocery Shopping Music)
Facebook Status (May 2017)


Today's driving selection - Good Morning Baltimore - for your listening pleasure.

Facebook Status - DC's version of Car Karaoke (August 2016)


I love to hear him sing...
It's so rare to be able to catch him without him knowing - he seems to have radar for the camera and will really ham it up.
(I did show it to him afterwards and it is not being posted without his knowledge)


(Text: Fb memories 4 years ago (not today) - this came up in my feed yesterday because one of his friends liked it. This was DCs birthday 4 years ago - DC singing along to "A spoonful of sugar" in honor of his birthday - at Ellen's Stardust Diner - NYC)


Fb memories 4 years ago today. DC taking his bow after singing "Somewhere over the rainbow" at Best Buddies karaoke.


Nothing like a sing a long to brighten ones day!

Just came home from DC's Winter Guard Show/Ice Cream Social. I can say with some authority that it is possible to listen to "Mama, I'm a Big Girl Now" from Hairspray Live, 4 times in it's entirety on the way to the High School but only 2 and a half times on the way home (less traffic, I guess). This includes the time it took for DC to tell me "One last time" before each run of the song....

Facebook Status "Hair Spray"

Over the Rainbow - Karaoke (edited version because ...... it's a very long song)


One of my favorites - 'Till there was you... From "The Music Man"

(DC's version of Car Karaoke)

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