Wednesday, May 24, 2017

His Dream Job

If DC could choose his dream job, it would be one (or all) of three things; Working in a Bookstore, Working at Disney (or anything having to do with Disney), Working at a Theater (plays and musicals) - 4 Years ago today, DC and his Job Coach headed off to his first day of volunteer work at the theater. My Broadway Baby got his wish....

4 years ago today - FB Memories 
DC and Mrs H on their way to his first night at the Theater. He's a little anxious . If we can get through tonight he'll be fine for the rest. (He's very excited too!)

3 years ago - Facebook Memories 

I shared a photo from 4 years ago of DC's first day at his volunteer job at the theater. (Poor Mrs. H keeps getting her face blurred because I never get to ask her permission ahead of time :) ) 
Three years ago, Doug, my Mother (Grandma) and I went to see a production of Hair while DC was working the show (with his job coach) and got to see him in action.

Full disclosure; I screwed up when I bought the tickets thinking DC would work the afternoon performance and we would all go see it at night. BUT, I bought tickets for the afternoon show by accident while he was working and really didn't realize it until the day before (after I had been annoyingly belting out "Gimme a Head With Hair" at him all week) - No worries, he did get to see it once the crowd was seated and his "greeter" duties were done until intermission.

DC was very excited to see us at his job, but as excited as he was - first things first and in the correct order - no hugs were given out (even for Grandma) until each of us received our programs and each, an "Enjoy the Show". #autism #AllThingsInOrder #DontMessWithTheSystem

Although he loves his volunteer job, he does not get to work it very often. It is difficult scheduling around Mrs. H's, mine and DC's schedule. He only had two shows booked this season (Feb-July). Mrs. H called to say she was ill and could not make it for his second and last show of the season. Mrs. H has been with him at the Palace from the beginning and attended all of the training sessions. Being that this was his last show (and only the second) of the season, I did not want him to miss it.

I emailed the coordinator and asked if it would be all right if  Doug accompanied him even though he's not been through the training. She replied that it would be fine and that DC would probably be able to tell him exactly what to do. I was sure he would - exactly and in the proper order.

Doug, the man who dresses better to play golf than to go to work, was pouting about the white dress shirt and the black pants (they were blue - he thought he'd get that by me) and - horrors - dress shoes!

DC was anxious and acting out because Mrs. H was not there and he has been obsessed with Mrs. H being sick since Monday - I've heard about it, I don't know how many times a day.

At one point he crossed his arms and said

 "I" not going!

"Follow me around" (He did not want Doug to follow him around??? This statement was never made clear)

I told him that he would have to teach Doug what to do and that seemed to make him a little bit happier, but not much..

On his way out the door - in a final act of defiance, he grabbed his "Into the Woods" CD, which had been banned from Doug's car quite a while ago because he just could not take listening to it anymore...
And off they went, Doug walking, shoulders slumped, down the sidewalk to the car, with his dress shirt, black blue pants, dress shoes and "Into the Woods" to work at the theater....

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