Monday, May 15, 2017

Notes. Flowers, Hearts and Apologies #MothersDay

As I wrote in Saturday's Mother's Day post, DC loves to write me notes and draw pictures for me. Much of the time, he does it when he thinks (or knows) he is in trouble for something. Sometimes though, they are just because he wants to.

Unfortunately on Mother's Day, DC had his computer taken away from him as "punishment" for something he did. ("punishment", the word he uses that he learned from Full House").

Did I want to do that on Mother's Day? No. But sometimes he has to know that what he has done is not acceptable. Some things I cannot just let go, knowing full well that I will suffer far more than he will during said punishment. I always have to decide if it is worth it. (if you are new here, you can read all about THAT here).

So instead of a post about what a wonderful day we spent together, here are some random Facebook post about his notes, flowers, hearts and apologies,

Hope you all had a Happy Mother's Day.

We are looking forward to a do-over...

His "note writing" has just been taken to a whole new level (ARC Activity)

I got a call today from DC's work/day program that he had ripped his pants. I assumed it was just a small tear but that it was driving him off the deep end so I left work to go and pick him up. When I got there, the rip was all the way from his waist to mid-thigh. He couldn't say how it happened but he did hand me this note: "I am sorry I rid (ripped) the pants on purpose" - so I have to imagine this started as a small hole and he spent the morning shredding it because holes in anything...... Not, not, not tolerable - ever.

An item added to his shopping list...

It's been a (insert expletive of your choice here) week, but these made my day! (Flowers from Best Buddies Flower arranging class on Wednesday and cards from Camp party) - #earlyvalentinesgifts 

Mother's Day Breakfast with DC

Happy Mother's Day!

An apology

TWO hearts!!!

DC is obsessed with Ella's letter to Char. He recites it often. This is the first time he's written it out. (Ella Enchanted)

Do ya think he knows he's in trouble?

DC has been on a roll today. I got hearts, a birthday cake (it's not my birthday) and roses. The funniest and most confusing one is a "Wedding Cake for Mom" . I don't know where that comes from but I just may have to burn it.

And even though he had his computer taken away .....

I still got a note.....

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