Saturday, December 25, 2021

Christmas Morning - First Things First


As you can probably imagine, DC was over the top excited about Christmas Eve and Christmas, and if you are new here... trust me - it was all Christmas all of the time over the span of the last month.

Since we are in quarantine (more about that later), most of our plans were cancelled. Not that we had big plans, but the few we did have were no more.

DC still had his Christmas Eve gifts to open, which are usually made up of gifts from friends, his godmother, Doug, his dad and anything else anyone might send him (and one from me).

He had his take out Chinese food and chocolate cake; as there must always be chocolate cake - and opened his gifts.

Knowing that Santa would not come until he was asleep, he opted to go to bed at around 9:30.

He went to bed, but sleep was not happening.

At midnight, I reminded him that Santa is probably waiting and he needed to get to sleep.

He understands that midnight is late because … Cinderella.

He tried.

At 2 AM (AM/PM does not really make sense to him. Why is it 2 "In the morning" when it is still nighttime?) I reminded him again.

At 4:10 am I reminded him that is Santa couldn't wait all night to fill his stocking.

The Santa Rule:

So now that the is an adult, Santa only delivers his stocking and the rest of the gifts in his pile are from Mom. Santa always did a pretty good job with his stocking, by the way. He was fine with this. As long as Santa is coming, even just to bring a stocking, all is well.

I think he fell asleep somewhere around 5am.

I understand that his sleeplessness was all due to the excitement over Santa's arrival, but usually he does sleep. I am guessing that the excitement was amplified due to being trapped at home and everything he was looking forward to, being cancelled  - so the anticipation was keeping him awake.

All night as I tried to get him to go to sleep, he reminded me that Santa was coming.

Needless to say he was up early this morning, but the funny thing is … he walked by all of his gifts (didn't even look at them) and went directly to the kitchen to set up "his spot" at the kitchen table.

Only after his pile of paper, DVD's, books and markers were arranged in the exact order they needed to be in, did he venture back into the living room to open his gifts!

First things first.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate.

Here's hoping 2022 is a GIANT step up from 2020 and 21!


In case you are new here: “I tell stories, most of the time; single individual stories about this or that. Some may be written with humor and some may come across as “Oh, look at the cute thing DC did or said” (he does crack me up at times) but my object is always to make people understand how his mind works, never to "make fun of him"

It is difficult to explain “his” autism to anyone without resorting to 1000 examples and 1000 stories. So I tell 1000 stories to make clear that there are other sides to autism than the characters seen in TV or movies."

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