Friday, November 1, 2019

It's a Wrap - Halloween 2019

You all know that DC loves Halloween, so I won't go through that whole bit.

A Costume for every party and another for Halloween itself.

As someone who has ALWAYS loved Halloween, I am all for it.

The costume parade is not as long as it used to be with less and less parties and events to attend, but we still managed four wardrobe changes this season, so we are still happy.

You may have seen his first pick in my last post "Another Week (or so) In The Life".

He decided out of the clear "blue" sky (see what I did there?) that he wanted to be Sully from Monsters Inc. for his camp party.

Other than the fact that I haven't seen him watch, read or even mention Monster's Inc, I thought it was a good choice for that particular party. It is normally a bit cold at camp so this would be perfect.

Not only did he choose a costume that was from a 19 year old movie that I hadn't heard him mention recently, but another camper had the same idea. What are the chances of him meeting another Sully at the party?

(19 year old film is not all that odd for DC - he was "Jim Dear" from Lady and the Tramp last year)

It was not as chilly as is usually is at camp so we definitely should have saved this costume for his next wardrobe change...

Moving on....

Camp Fundraiser:

FB Status 10/26/19

Heading to the camp fundraising table. This is the extra, just in case costume we get... just in case.
It’s a King but with Mr. Disney around a plain and simple king costume can be many different characters.
DC says that he is King Stefan (from Sleeping Beauty), so that is exactly who he is!

Let me tell you... It was FREEZING! 

We don't wear coats over costumes. It's a rule. Look it up.
We stuff as much as possible under the costume.  He was wearing thermal underwear, pants and more than one shirt over the thermals but the "boy" can't ever leave his sleeves down.

If he could push the sleeves up on a winter coat, he will and does.

FB Status 10/27/2019

After many years of searching for an adult Chip costume, I found one last year. Then, whatever event he was going to wear it (with Mrs. Potts, of course) got cancelled or something. He finally got to wear it this year with his Buddy at the Best Buddies Walk.

(She saved me from having to wear it on Halloween)

It rained the day of the walk, but there just happens to be a parking garage right on the grounds where they usually hold the walk it so the walk went on.

It was a 'little' (a LOT) louder than usual, being basically indoors with music playing, all of the people and games crowded into that small of an area. We had to walk around to the other side of the garage to find some quiet a few times but in the end, he had a great time.

And Finally - it was Halloween.

FB Status 10/31/19

To you, he’s a Wizard. To DC, he’s Merlin from “Disney’s Sword and The Stone”. He’s dressed way too early. The rain seems to be taking a little break but the wind is picking up.
Happy Halloween! #AllDisneyAllOfTheTime 

(19 year old movie? That was nothing... We're hitting 46 years with this one)

He had fun with this friends Trick-Or-Treating. He was very proud of his costume....
even though no one called him Merlin.

Only 364 Day Until Halloween!

(The photo at the head of this post is the driveway to camp. I look forward to seeing it with all of the leaves changing every year. There used to be trees lining both sides of the driveway which made it even more spectacular looking in the fall.
Still pretty even now that they are gone)


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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Do We NEED Blue Pumpkins? Can't We Just Be Kind?

(Updated for 2019 - Originally Written and Posted in 2018)
DC always enjoyed the costume and candy part of Halloween, but it took years before he really understood the waking around to get said candy and years after that before he understood that he could not walk into people’s houses.

He could not understand why we were ringing the doorbell and not going in.

Halloween, now is his absolute favorite.

He has a costume for every party and another for the big day.

I don’t feel that I should have to take that all away from him because some people see him as “too old” to trick-or-treat.

Like many children and adults with autism, his interests are limited and when he really shows an interest or enjoys something out of what would normally be thought of his “comfort zone” - you better believe that we are going for it; all the way. 

Please be kind if an adult in costume comes to your door, or a child without a costume due to sensory issues.

Their parents will handle it if they try to walk into your home or don’t understand “take one piece” - Not having the ability to say “Trick-Or-Treat” is okay too......really. Don’t try to force it. 

It IS everyone’s Halloween. #Autism #Halloween

Facebook Status 10/31/18 

Updated for 2019:
About the blue pumpkins....
My opinion is that they are yet another attempt to make our children conform to the way society believes Halloween should be done.

Do I believe they will help to raise awareness?
I imagine that the folks who need to be educated will not even be aware of the existence of the blue pumpkin.

How about we just do not force kids to say Trick or Treat in order to participate in Halloween?


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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Another Week (Or So) In the Life

Some weeks are just "busier" than others here in DC-land.

This week was certainly memorable.

When you look past the humor of some of it, you really can see some progress and independence.

FB Status - October 17, 2019

So.... DC decided that it was a good idea to shave off (most of) his eyebrows last night.
Happy Thursday!

(No worries, though - he seemed pretty proud of the "accomplishment")


FB Status - October 19, 2019

First Party of the Season:
It’s funny... last year or maybe the year before, knowing DC's love of Disney characters and of course, Halloween - someone messaged me to see if we had a Sully costume in our collection. I told her that oddly enough, DC had never asked to be Sully for Halloween.
Well out of the clear blue sky, he asked this year...
So ‘K’ - this one will be available after the party today if you never ended up doing the Sully thing that year


FB Status - October 22, 2019

This is DC sitting calmly waiting for blood work to get done.
Sitting calmly...
Not only was he sitting calmly, we got out of there a whole hour earlier than I anticipated. I don't know if it was a fluke or what, but I'll take it...
Such a difference from that first time 4 years ago (here)


FB Status - October 23, 2019

DC works works in Group Supported Employment. During the summer, he works in their greenhouse and sometime in the fall he moves inside to "Make The Dog Bones" (the dog biscuit room). We are in the "Dog Bones" portion of the year.
The other day I got a note that, just to switch things up and I assume because they needed help in another area, he and one of the IA's went to work packaging hole punch labels (? no idea what that means)
He wasn't happy and after a while announced "I quit". Which I thought was pretty funny (but I'm the Mom and I can't laugh). But I was also surprised because I had never heard him say that or use that phrase.
Today when he called me on his way home, I asked as usual what he did that day:
DC: Dog Bones Room
Me: Oh, you didn't have to do label packaging today?
DC: I quit!
Okay, so he does know what that means AND the quitting stuck.


FB Status - October 24, 2019

You have heard me say it before..
DC has a habit of calling me upstairs to say absolutely nothing. He does it on a regular basis.
Yesterday I was in the kitchen putting dishes away when I hear “Vickie, please come here”
I yell from the kitchen “What’s wrong?”
DC: Come here please.
I stop what I am doing to run upstairs and first he says:
“Nothing wrong” and then...
“Play with band-aids when I am done” - nothing that couldn’t have waited until he came downstairs.
So I tried once again to explain that he shouldn’t keep making me run upstairs to tell me something like this. It can wait until he comes back down.
Realizing that he could possibly take that to mean “don’t call me to come upstairs at all - even if there is something really wrong”, I back tracked and said that he should call me if it’s an emergency (DC’s concept of an emergency is anything he might need help with so I felt confident using that word).
Today, from upstairs I hear. “Mom, it’s an emergency”
Up the stairs I go only to hear..
“Mom, your hair looks horrible”


So there you have it. A little bit of independence and standing up for himself, a little bit of problem solving (or testing me) and the blood work, let's not forget the blood work!


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Saturday, October 5, 2019

More #TalesFromTheDayProgram

I read a note in DC's "Talk Book" on Thursday...

"DC was a little bit upset this morning" ... that went on to explain how upset he was, what he did and that they did not know what it was all about.

Now, if this had been the morning before after two random meltdowns, I would have understood, but that morning he was just fine when he left for work.

I read the note as soon as I got home from work. DC was still out with his staff so I texted his driver to see if anything had set him off on the way.
He told me that DC was perfectly happy when he got out of the car.

If you have been here for any length of time, you already know that communication is difficult.
I can't ask too many questions or he will shut down.
I have to be careful not to ask leading questions because he will just give me a random answer.
I have to be careful about how many times I ask the same question because he will think he's gotten the answer wrong and change it.

I asked him if he could tell me why he was so upset at work that morning.

After all of the "Not upset", "Happy", "Nothing wrong" replies that I usually get when I try to figure out what is going on, I did finally get a few clues.

Usually when he gives me these random clues, I can, at times figure out what happened. It takes a lot of thought about things that may not have been noticeable or seemed relevant at the time, but for some reason stuck with DC.

But I wasn't there, so the information meant nothing to me. I could only come up with a few guesses at what might have happened.

"Lights were out"
"Door was stuck"
"It was an emergency"
"Bathroom door"

I wrote all of this in his talk book with a few guesses as to what may have happened.

Maybe the bathroom light went out or he couldn't get into the bathroom.
Maybe the door to the building was stuck or locked and it was raining.

As I said, I wasn't there but I wrote that maybe they could make some sense of all of this.
I know that usually "Emergency" has something to do with the bathroom.

The reply in his book when he came home on Friday?

"Thank you for the info" and the basic note about what he did at work that day.

Nothing to explain what happened.
Nothing to say that they were able to figure out what happened or even that they were not able to figure out what happened from what he was able to tell me. Nothing, almost as if to tell me "This is what happened. We don't care why it happened. We don't want to know if there is a problem that needs to be addressed. We really don't care as long as he stopped."

Just nothing.


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Friday, September 13, 2019

A Week (or so) In the Life...

Mind Your Own Business (alternate title: Bite Me):
My kid eats healthier than most people! When were are out, I really don't need to hear how he should be eating his carrots! He eats carrots and snap peas for breakfast at times. He ASKS for carrots at home. But..... in the "DC's rules for life" rules that he has made up in his head, vegetables are for home and not for out to eat! #IDontSeeCarrotsOnYourKidsPlate
FB Status 8/17/19


Old Age:
As I’m walking around the house complaining about my knee, DC comes over with that concerned look on his face...
“Mom, are you alright?”
I tell him I’m fine; my knee just hurts a little.
He gets 6 inches from my face and again with the concerned but also very serious face...
“Mom, are you old?”
Way to put the pieces together DC.

FB Status 8/22/19

Heart Melting:

FB Status 8/28/19

Asked and Answered:
Me: DC, How many times are you going to ask me that?
DC: 50 times.
#HeToldMe #NotForNothingButHeHasReachedAndPassedHisGoal #AskedAndAnswered

FB Status 8/30/19

Change in Plans:

(People do not always understand that when things get cancelled, even if what gets cancelled has nothing to do with DC other than the fact that he had to get up early - It takes a good long while for him to stop persevering about it.  It made for a 'fun' morning..)

Nothing helps DC’s anxiety from having to get up two hours earlier for no reason as it turned out, on a Saturday than a trip to the cupcake store. He is now, finally a happy camper #FunnyBoneCupcakes

FB Status September 7, 2019


Because his pronunciation is off at times, I always try to verify that he’s actually saying what I think he is saying.
DC: Mom, spell ‘straight’
Me: Like ‘straight up and down’?
DC: No! ‘Straight’!
Me: Like ‘a straight line’?
DC: No! ‘Straight’!
Me: Tell me what you are writing.
DC: “March straight outside and wash”
(Ohhh. He meant THAT ‘Straight’)

FB Status - September 8, 2019

So, you know how DC is forever studying the calendar hunting for holidays just so he can go out to eat? (You might remember Arbor Day when I told him it was a day to walk in the woods, and he hasn't mentioned it since)
He has been talking to me about Grandparents Day all week. I told him it was a Hallmark Holiday and no, we are not going out to eat. That did not work and he is still talking about it...

FB Status - September 8, 2019


DC does a lot of “introductions” to no one.
Out of the clear blue sky (as he did just a minute ago in the kitchen).... “
“and this is MY mother, Vickie ‘Lastname’”
or sometimes
“this is my son, DC”
- as he will also introduce himself.
Earlier today, he walked into the living room and said
“This is my husband, ‘His Father’s name’”.
After I finished laughing I had to explain that he is not my husband anymore. He was a very long time ago, but not any more.
DC was 3 or so when we were divorced and his life (other than location) really did not change that much so I guess it never occurred to him. He has never asked and other than drawing me a wedding cake that one time, he has never mentioned anything about a husband.
I don’t know if he just connected it all in his head or what but he never fails to surprise me.

FB Status September 8, 2019


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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Making Father's Day All About Him :)

Happy Father's Day to all of the Dad's Out there.

From Father's Day 2017

It's Father's Day and DC's Dad just came home last week from his Fall and Winter in Florida. This will only be the second time DC has seen him since he came home (maybe the 3rd?).

Before DC left for his Dad's he kept repeating, "I have to ask him" - which always means he has something he wants to do in mind. 

Me: What do you have to ask Dad? I already told you that he is taking you to visit Grandma and Grandpa because it is Father's Day.
DC: Go to the bookstore.
Me: No, I don't think so. It's Father's Day and you have to do what Dad wants to do.
DC: Go to Texas Roadhouse (the gift card he had picked out for his Dad was of course all about DC as well).
Me: The card does not mean you are going there today.
DC: (Looking a little shocked that this was not all about him)
But I want - I have to ask HIM
Me: I'm sure you are going to Grandma and Grandpa's. It is Father's Day and you have to do what Dad wants, not what DC wants.
DC: (not looking very thrilled about the conversation) "What Dad wants".....
Now if this set of rules would work on Mother's Day.......... that'd be great.

Happy Father's Day!


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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Just a Little Story about Coats and Jackets

DC has a jacket from his Winter Guard team that he LOVES. He insists on wearing it everywhere. He also has the newer version of the jacket which he likes but it does not come close to the older version; windbreaker, lined with hood. The thing is OLD and is falling apart. Since he won't give it up and they don't order this type anymore, I found some sort or repair patch for the giant hole along the hood line... 
I told him I was going to fix it and he needed to leave it alone for two days while the patch set. No Problem..
This morning I told him he could wear his jacket again.
"I don't want to wear it"
sigh..... Did I ruin it by fixing it?
I can't get an answer.
#AwarenessMonth  - FaceBook Status 4/10/19


Coat/Jacket Update:
DC's refusal to wear his favorite Winter Guard Jacket was due to the expectation of it being cold out (it isn't) and wearing his other Jacket./Coat obsession... The Dreaded Brown Corduroy Jacket. 
Let me tell you about THIS jacket:
It is OLD. It is ratty looking. The lining no longer looks clean after washing. He Loves it. It is his in-between season coat. It is warm enough for mild winter days and the colder part of spring and fall.
Years ago DC had a brown corduroy jacket that he was very attached to. He was getting small and a little worse for wear, but I could not get him to part with it.
One day about 8 years ago, he went out for the day with his friend BB and BB's mother. DC left the jacket where ever they were. I was happy, but BB's mother insisted on replacing it. I told her that I was glad it was gone, but she insisted and 8 years later, I am still trying to get him to give it up.
So I did not "ruin" his Winter Guard Coat by fixing it - he just has something else in mind.
The Brown Coat is going away for the season and he opted happily for his Winter Guard coat.
#Awareness #ClothingIssues - Facebook Status 4/10/19


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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Snowvee, Miss Snap, Teacher, Good Time ..... Anyone?

CC0 Creative Commons Free for commercial use  No attribution required

Okay. Help! 

DC is looking up something on YouTube.

He asked me how to spell what sounds like “snowvee” (apparently a character). 

Usually if I can’t understand the character’s name to be able to spell it for him, he can come up with something else to help. 

What I have:

Snowvee (sounds like)

Miss Snap (or Slap or something that sounds like either or both)

Good time 

Grandmothers old house (which means that is where he used to watch it - so it’s been 10 years or more - could be as long ago as 25 years) 

(Yes, I tried googling all of the above)

My mother can remember it vaguely but not the name or characters, but she does think that it was about a teacher.



Facebook Status - October 2018

This has not been resolved.

The Number One suggestion was "The Magic School Bus" but he says, NO.

Also in the "No" pile....


and a bunch of others I had never heard of.

There is a Miss Snap from "Teachers" which does not fit the time frame but he said "No".


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