Monday, December 23, 2019

Still Counting the Days Until Christmas

My Christmas cards have not arrived (yes, I could have ordered them earlier).

There were also certain stamps that I wanted that were not available at the post office, so I had to order them on-line - so when the cards do arrive I will still be waiting on the stamps... 

Meanwhile, all of the cards we have received remain unopened because..... that's a thing with me
😂😂😂 Go ahead, laugh, I know!).

December 14, 2019


DC received a letter from Santa a few days ago. After he read it, he hung it on the refrigerator. This morning I saw him writing on a hanging paper and thinking he was adding something to the grocery list, I asked him what he was writing.
DC: “Last Name!”
Apparently this was bothering him.... #FirstANDLastNameAlways

December 15, 2019


He was able to go to "Straw"Bridge, his Camp party and his Work party so were are now officially talking about Christmas Eve and Christmas (with a few twists)


Taking a short break from "reminding" me about Christmas Eve... DC woke up this morning with "Happy Thursday" (not anything he's ever said before)
I guess every day is a holiday in December.
(I did get a "days until Christmas eve" countdown very shortly afterward)

December 19, 2019


Closer and closer - Now we would really only be talking about Christmas Eve and Christmas ......


(Counting on fingers)
“Monday: Go to work - Come home if Doug feels better (Doug is not feeling well and he’s worried he won’t see him today)
Tuesday: Christmas Eve see Grandmother, go to “the place” (restaurant - he’s given up trying to pronounce the name)
I Want Presents! (He knows he can open a few gifts on Christmas Eve)
Wednesday:  Christmas Santa will come - 17 Markers.
Thursday: Back to work”
We are now officially scheduling for after Christmas.....

December 23, 2019


My Cards arrived and so did the stamps on December 23rd.
I should have made the New Year Cards

Happy Holidays!


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