Thursday, December 12, 2019

Christmas Preparations: Wins and Losses - This Week

It has been another busy week in DC-land.


Facebook Status December 7, 2019
DC went to see Frozen 2 with *Salli and his camp friends. They both gave it two thumbs up. (I got to have coffee in peace with *Tonya while they were in the theater - also two thumbs up)

Instagram December 7, 2019
We really don’t have a lot of room here.
The tree, when it goes up, just takes over the living room.
It takes up so much room that I can hardly wait to take it down, once it's up.
This year I decided to buy one of those new trees that are flat in the back and take up less room. 
I should have opted for the flat in the back that hangs on the wall instead of the one that stands because this is laughable.
It keeps falling over, and I can’t get it to stand straight (not to mention the gaping holes all over it ).
DC could only hang his very light ornaments on it (that doesn't keep him from randomly trying to hang some of the heavier ones that I put on a shelf so he could at least look at them - This should be fun).
It is hideous!

Facebook Status December 8, 2019
DC met up with Santa again today unexpectedly while we were out shopping.
This exchange went far better than the last one.
He asked for Toy Story 4, Jelly Beans and 17 markers 😂😂😂😂😂
#ThatIsNeverGoingToGetOld #17MarkersPlease


Facebook Status December 8, 2019 
Yesterday I decided to suck it up and wrap some gifts.
I am not a fan of wrapping.
I put everything I need on the floor (or so I think), then get up 4 to five times to find the tape, a pen, scissors and whatever else I have forgotten.
By the time I am ready to wrap, a half hour has passed. Because I am so not a fan of wrapping, I can only get through maybe two a sitting.
I wrap a couple and leave everything on the floor and do other things before I am ready to do a few more.That's the way it works.
The stuff is on the floor a good portion of the day before I decide I am finished for the day.
Making my disgruntlement over wrapping that much worse was having to listen to:"Mom, you have to clean up this mess", "Mom, the mess", "Mom, you have to clean up this mess",all day until I finally gave it up. (Twist My Arm).
But.... all I could think about was the fact that the items I was trying to wrap yesterday had been purchased in the same shop when we were away for Thanksgiving weekend.
The woman was in the middle of asking if I needed any of the items wrapped when DC distracted/interrupted both of us with his concern over Doug waiting outside the store (she thought he was worried about his dog because that is the way he pronounces "Doug").
We both lost our train of thought. She just went directly to bagging everything and I did not think about her partial offer to wrap until I left the store. #TheMessIsNotMyFault #BlameItOnDoug

Facebook Status December 12, 2019
DC had a work delay yesterday due to the snow.Because we were up and almost ready before the delay was called and I had some extra time, I decided to wrap a few more gifts. I only had three left for one family, which meant I could get them out of the house (no room here, remember?) and deliver them when they were finished.
I started wrapping and realized that I had forgotten to buy one small item, so I left everything neatly on the couch so I could finish after I stopped on my way home from work to pick up that last item.
When Mrs. H texted me at 3 pm to tell me she had arrived at my house to wait for DC to come home, I told her that I had left some wrapping on the couch and please ask him not to move it, I would finish it and put it away when I got home (she knows him very well and knew this might be an issue for him).
I arrived home as they were getting ready to leave for the library, when DC's medical alert bracelet got caught on his coat. He got much more upset about this than I would have thought.
Finally he turned to me and said: "Mom put the stuff away".
Mrs. H explained that she told him that I would take care of the "stuff" when I came home but to please "give Mom a minute" (before he started asking me).
Apparently the anxiousness was more about trying to "give me a minute" than his bracelet getting caught on his coat.
He assessed the situation the moment he returned home after the library..... All Clear.   #wrapping #HaveIMentionedThatIHateWrapping


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