Friday, September 13, 2019

A Week (or so) In the Life...

Mind Your Own Business (alternate title: Bite Me):
My kid eats healthier than most people! When were are out, I really don't need to hear how he should be eating his carrots! He eats carrots and snap peas for breakfast at times. He ASKS for carrots at home. But..... in the "DC's rules for life" rules that he has made up in his head, vegetables are for home and not for out to eat! #IDontSeeCarrotsOnYourKidsPlate
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Old Age:
As I’m walking around the house complaining about my knee, DC comes over with that concerned look on his face...
“Mom, are you alright?”
I tell him I’m fine; my knee just hurts a little.
He gets 6 inches from my face and again with the concerned but also very serious face...
“Mom, are you old?”
Way to put the pieces together DC.

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Heart Melting:

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Asked and Answered:
Me: DC, How many times are you going to ask me that?
DC: 50 times.
#HeToldMe #NotForNothingButHeHasReachedAndPassedHisGoal #AskedAndAnswered

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Change in Plans:

(People do not always understand that when things get cancelled, even if what gets cancelled has nothing to do with DC other than the fact that he had to get up early - It takes a good long while for him to stop persevering about it.  It made for a 'fun' morning..)

Nothing helps DC’s anxiety from having to get up two hours earlier for no reason as it turned out, on a Saturday than a trip to the cupcake store. He is now, finally a happy camper #FunnyBoneCupcakes

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Because his pronunciation is off at times, I always try to verify that he’s actually saying what I think he is saying.
DC: Mom, spell ‘straight’
Me: Like ‘straight up and down’?
DC: No! ‘Straight’!
Me: Like ‘a straight line’?
DC: No! ‘Straight’!
Me: Tell me what you are writing.
DC: “March straight outside and wash”
(Ohhh. He meant THAT ‘Straight’)

FB Status - September 8, 2019

So, you know how DC is forever studying the calendar hunting for holidays just so he can go out to eat? (You might remember Arbor Day when I told him it was a day to walk in the woods, and he hasn't mentioned it since)
He has been talking to me about Grandparents Day all week. I told him it was a Hallmark Holiday and no, we are not going out to eat. That did not work and he is still talking about it...

FB Status - September 8, 2019


DC does a lot of “introductions” to no one.
Out of the clear blue sky (as he did just a minute ago in the kitchen).... “
“and this is MY mother, Vickie ‘Lastname’”
or sometimes
“this is my son, DC”
- as he will also introduce himself.
Earlier today, he walked into the living room and said
“This is my husband, ‘His Father’s name’”.
After I finished laughing I had to explain that he is not my husband anymore. He was a very long time ago, but not any more.
DC was 3 or so when we were divorced and his life (other than location) really did not change that much so I guess it never occurred to him. He has never asked and other than drawing me a wedding cake that one time, he has never mentioned anything about a husband.
I don’t know if he just connected it all in his head or what but he never fails to surprise me.

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