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If nothing else, this year was unforgettable

2017 began for me feeling like it was nothing more than an extension of 2016. I was still in the midst of battle with Social Security. This battle began in October 2016 and was finally "resolved" (she says not very loudly and fearing the jinx) in April 2017. I was right, I knew I was right. I knew enough to check into these things, but still they were willing to have me pay back $12,000.00. It is crushing to have worked so hard to put things in place well ahead of time to ensure my child would be taken care of when I am gone and then feel as if everything was falling apart all at once. If I had not stuck to my guns and had just given up, either I would be paying back $12,000.00 or DC would have to pay it back in small increments from his SS check for the next 13 years!

The Beginning:

Social Security, Adult Children, Lessons Learned and a Heads Up - October 2016

But there was more:

But Wait, There’s More! - February 2017 

Speaking of feeling as if everything was falling apart all at once; there were marches to attend....

There were representatives to call and write almost on a daily basis. It was becoming exhausting. It HAS become exhausting! I have watched more Cspan this year than I ever thought possible.

DC's anxiety seemed to kick into high gear mid year and I saw meltdowns like I have not seen since he was very young. Above all, Mondays seemed to be a problem.

Then there was........ The Dentist.

Both of us seemed to have to spent a LOT of time in a dental chair this year.

After meltdowns and the constant calling and writing representatives, the dentist was something that engulfed my life. I began to get really resentful about all of it.

The high point of all of these dental visits? DC had to have his first (and hopefully his last) root canal. Not really what one would consider a high point, but he surprised me and did exceptionally well with it. In some ways, he is "growing up".

All of this led to the gaining of much additional weight (me), so much so that I rarely want to leave the house anymore. I am embarrassed, but working on it.

There were some bright spots along the way, though. 

In March I gave up getting to stay in the Star Trek Room and opted for the Wizard of Oz Room, because how does one pass up the Wizard of Oz room when DC is in the house? As it turned out, the Oz room scared him at first (not the reaction I was expecting) but he grew to love it and we had a great time in the frozen tundra known as the Catskills.

We attended a costume party at the Cape in April and there is nothing like getting to wear a costume during the year while seeing old friends. The TARDIS was the only costume that came in my size :)

In June I was able to meet (in person) and spend some time with one of my very good on-line friends, Jennifer and her family while on a trip to Virginia. Jennifer, of Seriously Not Boring fame and her family showed us the sights and of course, knowing DC as they do, brought us to a very large bookstore. 

I have not yet written about this trip for my #TravelingWithDC series because I bombarded people with so many pictures on my page that week, I thought I'd wait just to give them a break. It was a fun trip spent with fun people. I will be writing more about it soon.

In September, we headed to NYC (DC's favorite place) and to NJ for a Supernatural Convention. A prequel post for this event came in at #3 of my top 5 posts this year on this site.  The only thing on DC's mind was meeting Kim Rhodes (Sheriff Jody Mills but forever Zach and Cody's Mother to DC) and it was all I heard about daily until he did.

If I had to choose DC's Number One Top Moment of 2017 - it would be this meeting with Kim Rhodes..... She was wonderful to him and he was over the moon! If you open no other links on this post, open and read this one: Let's Talk About Kim Rhodes (which coincidentally came in at #1 on my main blog page). He will never forget that day and I am forever grateful to her for the attention she gave him that day.


Also in September, I ventured way (way, way) out of my comfort zone, when I was invited and agreed to participate in a weekly Star Trek Discovery Pod Cast with another very good on-line friend, Elizabeth (aka Autism-Mom) called Moms Going Boldly  In the end, after all of my anxiety and pacing - it was fun! I enjoyed it and looked forward to it every week.

And... after writing my annual crabby before Christmas post: We are allowed to vent sometimes, we actually had a pretty good Christmas (Traditions New)

2017 was DC's second seizure free year (she again says with trepidation as the year is not officially over yet)

Although his anxiety still seems to be higher than it was before 2017 hit, the meltdowns seem to be coming  less frequently lately and Mondays seem to be just Mondays for now.

The weight? I am working on it.

2017? It was as "unforgettable" as Kahless (see what I did there?) but I am not all that choked up to see it go. As it stands right now, it is looking like the daily/weekly/monthly  "calling of our representatives" will not be coming to an end anytime soon, but as for the rest...

I remain hopeful.......

(and looking forward to the new episodes of Discovery)


- - - - - 
This has been a Finish the Sentence Friday (FTSF) with Kristi of Finding Ninee. This week's prompt was, “This Year…”


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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Good-Bye to 2017 - My Top 5 Posts here on what I like to call, My "Other" Blog

Okay, so I am pushing 2017 a bit, but in all seriousness - I just want this year to be over.
I have my top 5 from my main blog ready to post on January 1st, but I realized that I have never done a year end wrap up over on this site.

This site was my original public blog site (the original, original was a local site) after moving everything over to my now main site, I really only used this to re-post blogs from there. A few years ago, I started using it to re-post longer face book statuses from my page, combinations of face book statuses on the same subject, off topic posts or extra posts when I decided I had something to say after already posting on my other site (so as not to bombard my followers with multiple posts).

I only recently realized that this site gets a decent amount of views, so I have been paying more attention to it over the last year or so.

So, I give you Take Another Step - Life with DC's top 5 for 2017.

(((Spoiler Alert: Kim Rhodes made the list on both blogs))))
All links open in new windows....

#5  - Texts from the Dentist - September 2017

(off topic)
Since September is turning out to be my month to complain and be just plain B#&%hy,  I may as well just continue... (believe me, I've got more)

Just a little "annoyance" .... Continue Reading


#4 - There was actually a tie here:

'Hair-dish-on" is GONE! - November 2017

For those who might be new here... DC hates the air conditioner ('Hair-dish-on' in DC-speak). He has never been a fan but this summer it seemed to be bothering him a little bit more. Let me also say that I, living in "Hot Flash Hell" was not ready to let it go.

Just.  Could. Not. Do. It.

(You can read the previous post on the subject here: Is it Hot in Here or Is It Just Me?) 

Continue Reading

I Write Because.... (a #FinishTheSentenceFriday Post) - October 2017

Why I write? I never really intended to write a blog. My blogging began one day when I was writing an extremely long response to a blog post that I had just finished reading. After I hit “post” I decided that writing a response to this post on someone else’s blog was not going to make me feel better about the topic being discussed. I opened an account, copied and pasted that very long comment, on to a page and started my blog. Continue Reading
#3  - Zack and Cody's Mom! - July 2017

Apparently DC's psychic abilities extend further than just knowing where the food is hidden or when I have been to the store.........

Just a few days ago I purchased tickets for the Supernatural NJ Convention. DC knows the show and met a few of the cast at the Rhode Island ComicCon a while back,  so it will not be totally boring for him and we will be able to spend one of the weekend days in New York City; his favorite place. A Win, Win situation for us (except Doug, aka *"Except This Guy" who just hates these things.   Continue Reading

#2 It's the dentist's fault.... - September 2017

(off topic)Last week, I posted a Throwback Thursday post on my face book page. It was about some of the ridiculous things, you know, things that make you wonder, that I had done over the last few years.Reading it over and altogether, I resemble a walking disaster area, but they happened over a long span of time so it probably wasn't as bad as it appeared to be on paper.  Continue Reading

and #1, in it's entirety....
Hello???? I hear you and it is still November. - November 2017

For some reason, I seem to be convinced that this week is not the end of November but the first week of December. I don't know why but I have to keep reminding myself that there is still a few days left before the first full week of December.

DC had a doctor's appointment yesterday and I was SURE he had a dental appointment today, even though I was already reminded once (okay.... twice. OKAY! 3 Times) that the appointment is NEXT Tuesday, I just could not get it out of my head that this/today was not December 5th.

(One might think that having Mr. Calendar in the house might keep me on the right path as to what day it is, but Nooooo -  for some reason he just took my word for it)

I made all of the arrangements one makes when one's child has an appointment:

  • *I cancelled his after work yoga class .
  • *I notified his transportation that he would not be staying for yoga and he would need a ride home.
  • *I wrote in his talk book so that the people at his program would know that he was not staying for  yoga and would have to come home via his regular transportation.
  • *I explained to DC that he would have to get right into his aide's car when he got home to get to the  dentist on time. I would come from work and meet him there.
  • *I listened to him talking about the dentist and pointing to his teeth over and over again (and over and over again)
  • *I texted his aide to remind him that there was no yoga and about the appointment.


So now I had to admit to being a human train wreck (which probably did not come as much of a surprise to anyone) and undo everything I just did.

After being wound up since Sunday about his dental appointment, I now had to try to unwind him. One might imagine that because he was so wound up about the dentist that he would be happy or relieved that it was cancelled. Oddly, this is not always the case. Sometimes he just gets more wound up. I believe it is because he has put so much time into obsessing about the thing he does not want to do- it actually makes him angrier when we just cannot just get it over with. I was hoping that this would not be one of those times.

I decided to Face Time him.

Using the telephone has been a work in progress for many years**.
I do try to use Face Time every once in a while so he is familiar with it.  If something were to happen or he should get lost, he might be able to show me what he is may not be able to communicate.

In this case, I wanted to be able to see him and know that he was paying attention to what I was saying. I had to try twice to get him to pick up the call.

When he did finally answer, all I saw was

his ear... (we definitely need to work on this a little bit more)

I got him to look at me and made sure he was paying attention.
I started out with:

"Mom made a mistake." (Because he LOVES that!).

Fortunately Mom making a mistake combined with not missing yoga over-rode his anxiety about the appointment being cancelled.


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Saturday, December 9, 2017

To belong and to not belong

Feeling as if I do not belong has been a running theme through-out my life. Fortunately there have been people like Mr. Holmes scattered along the way 
Before I begin, I have to say that I did enjoy elementary school. I know it is not going to sound like it. I had fun with my friends, the fun was much easier to be had when I could just blend into the background, not waiting to be the second to last person chosen for basketball, dodge ball or any other activity.
I enjoyed elementary school because I had very good friends, many of whom remain good friends to this day. As someone who never felt as though I fit in anywhere, they were my sanctuary. No one could have had better friends. They will be in my heart, mind and life forever. Yes, we’ve all lost track of each other from time to time over the years but we always seem to find our way back to each other. I am thankful to all of them for being there then and now.
For reasons I will not get into here, I am the epitome of low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence. Always have been, always will be.  At times this was almost debilitating – not almost, it was. It still can be now to some extent. I spent most of my time in elementary school hiding behind others. I didn’t want to be noticed. I didn’t want people to see my clothes, my shoes, my sneakers or me in general. I didn’t have older sisters, but that did not keep the hand-me-downs from coming from cousins and a step-aunt who worked at a high school – she would go “shopping” in the lost and found. I didn’t feel comfortable around people. I didn’t feel comfortable anywhere.
Sometime around the 5th grade I began gaining weight. This just drove my already low self-esteem into the ground. By the 7th grade I had gained a pretty good amount of weight. I was even more miserable than I had ever been.
I will never forget my 7th grade teacher, Mr. Holmes. At the time, I did not understand why he would single me out for things – good things, activities that anyone else would have been happy to be involved in. I didn’t want any part of this and thought he really must not like me very much to keep forcing me to get involved in things with some of the other kids when he had to know how uncomfortable it was for me.
I remember one time when there were a couple of seats available for the 8th grade class trip. The powers that be left it to the 7th grade teachers to choose a couple of students to go on this trip with the 8th graders. Mr. Holmes chose me. I had no idea why he would choose me. I was sure some of the more popular kids would have been very happy to go with their also popular 8th grade friends. Instead of being happy to have been chosen, my reaction went to the “Why are you doing this to me?” side of the spectrum. As if I didn’t feel like an outcast enough with my own classmates, now I had to spend the day with the 8th graders!
I have to admit, I did have a good time when all was said and done, but I still was not understanding why he pushed me into situations that were so very anxiety-ridden for me.
The day of the annual hearing testing came. Each student had to report to the hearing test center, which was in the nurse’s office. When one student completed his/her test, he/she was sent back to the classroom with the name of the next student to be tested. “Martin” came back to Mr. Holmes’ classroom and announced “They want to see the fat one” (that would be me). I tried to look like it didn’t bother me as I got up and had to walk out of the classroom in front of everyone. I don’t know what happened after I left the classroom, I never asked I really didn’t want to know- I just wanted to wipe it from my memory and everyone else’s as well (Where’s Doctor. Who when you need him?). If you think it was uncomfortable walking out of the classroom it was 100 times worse having to walk back in and announce the next name, while still trying to look as if what “Martin” said did not faze me in the least. People stared at me but it was not mentioned. I really was thankful for that.
As the school year went on I found that I was much more comfortable in the classroom. This was partially due to the fact that I had lost a good portion of the weight I had gained, which I had already begun losing when “Martin” made his announcement.  Also because I felt like I had gotten to know the other students in the classroom better having been thrown together with them so often for activities.
On the last day of 7th grade, before we were dismissed for the summer, Mr. Holmes called for our attention. He began what I thought was probably his annual “last day of school” speech – what a great year it had been, how much we’ve grown and accomplished from the students that entered his classroom back in September to the people we were now, ready for the 8th grade.
and then….
“I want to point out a student that I have seen the most growth and progress from. When she first come to this class in September, she would not even make eye contact when she was spoken to…………”
……and really, I can not remember anything else he said. I was flabbergasted, mortified, but strangely – a bit proud that someone was actually saying nice things about me to other people! I understood right then and there what he tried to do for me the entire year. He saw a problem and tried to help correct it by trying and succeeding a bit to get me to come out of my shell, to not feel so very uncomfortable, to feel like I fit in by including me in everything he could find to include me in and putting me together with students other than my friends and outside of my comfort zone.
I am not going to say that I turned a corner that day and everything was just fine, but I will say that he did help me to come out of my shell if only a little bit. I am proud to have had him as a teacher and all of these years later I have not forgotten that he made that speech or how he went out of his way to try to help me feel like I was just as good as anyone else. I will never forget him.
I am sure I was not the only person he singled out and I was not his mission in life. I am sure I was just oblivious to everyone else he was trying to help at the time. There was one boy I was not oblivious to… the boy that came to our classroom everyday before the lunch bell rang. He came every day to pick a lunch made for him by Mr. Holmes.
He did pull me aside after his speech to let me know that he understood that his speech probably had me on the brink of a breakdown but he felt is was necessary to say all of these things not only to me but to the class and especially for the benefit of “Martin”.
A version of this post was originally written and posted on Taking it a Step at a Time as “And those whose names were never called when choosing sides for basketball”  in February 2015 for the very first #1000speak.
This is a Finish the Sentence Friday post:
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Visit the link at Finding Ninee  or Hillary Savoie to read more FTSF posts.


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Thursday, December 7, 2017

This post is supposed to be about #StarTrekDiscovery

((off topic and maybe some slight spoilers))

Instagram Post - November 9, 2017:
I do not like public speaking - actually “do not like” is putting it mildly....I fall apart. So I was extremely anxious when my friend over at Autism-Mom asked me to do a pod cast with her about the new #StarTrekDiscovery or #SDC.
Now I do understand that it is recorded and not going out LIVE so it would not really be considered public speaking, but knowing that the public would hear it at some point had me pacing the floors - a lot; an awful lot. Then there was the whole 'hating to hear my voice' issue.  The first couple of pod casts were shaky (only on my part) but I got used to it and had a good time.
If you’d care to listen (spoilers!) you can go to Moms Going Boldly at  ewbautismmom.podbean .

The first half of the season is over now and just about all of the episodes are up on the link. I have been told more than once (by friends that have listened) that I have to speak up and I will try to do that, but really I already feel as if I am yelling while recording and the hating my voice issue has not gotten any better. That voice issue could possibly get worse due to some dental work that does not allow me to say S's properly anymore. My pod cast "career" could be coming to a screeching halt after only half a season; but we shall see.

Autism-Mom has already written a post about the show and I assume she be writing another now that the mid-season finale has aired. So I, being the TV addict that I am and have always been, am going to write about the things I had a hard time swallowing and the things that are not necessarily Star Trek related that we do not discuss in the pod cast because ...... they are not always Star Trek related.

I suppose one could say that like DC, when it comes to television, everything is related in my mind too..

I have mentioned in earlier posts that I always seem to have a hard time warming up to a new Star Trek series and this time was no different. Let's just say (as you will soon see) that I am also easily distracted by the actors or situations, how they might relate to other shows or characters and a truck load of other useless information that I carry around in my head. I will say that by the last episode I was/am all in, but the first two episodes were a struggle for me.

My first distraction was that Sonequa Martin-Green (Michael Burnham) played Sasha on The Walking Dead. I had a hard time separating the two characters at first.

I have been a huge Walking Dead fan since day one, but have let it fall by the wayside lately. Remember how long they made us wait to find out if Glen was alive and under the dumpster? At the time I predicted that they were making us wait too long for it to go any other way than to have him survive the dumpster ordeal only to be killed a few episodes later. 

They killed Glen and then there was a Tiger..... Seriously.

That is as far as I got. I had to imagine that the casting of Sonequa Martin-Green in #SDC could only mean that she did not survive on The Walking Dead. I have since been told that she did not survive but they gave her a fabulous death. I will at some point try to catch up.

My second distraction was Anthony Rapp (Daryl from Adventures in Babysitting) playing Lt. Paul Stamets, still looking very much like Daryl to me. Now I know that he has been in plenty of other movies, television shows and theater productions, but he will always be that annoying kid, Daryl. His character on SDC, at first seemed just as annoying to me. It took me a few episodes to warm up to him and I do enjoy his character now.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Stamets is a brand of mushrooms? 

Having finished watching the first half of the season, I am hoping that somewhere along the way there will be some sort of explanation for the technology that they should not have considering this series takes place 10 years prior to The Original Series.

They changed the Klingons....... again. Why? We were not told. I am hoping for some explanation about this as well at some point.   

The Klingon scenes are just too long and slow. Most of the time they have us reading subtitles. I really enjoy the Kilingon-free episodes.  

So being the biggest dork in the world, I always love when a character gives a shout out to a character that they previously played. 

*Castle was a good show for doing that - quite often. There were continuous call outs to Mal and Firefly during the run of the show. Nathan Fillion went so far as to wear his 'Brown Coat' at the beginning of their Halloween episode and declaring himself a 'Space Cowboy'. 

*When Tony DiNozzo made a joke that he would "have a better chance at hooking up   with Jessica Alba." on NCIS (Micheal Weatherly and Jessica Alba met while they both were starring in Dark Angel. They were engaged for a time before NCIS hit the air)

*Or the episode when the boys on Supernatural took a studio tour that just happened to go through the set of Stars Hollow (Sam played Dean on the Gilmore Girls before Supernatural hit the airwaves).  

*When Dean walked into the opening shot in this season's Supernatural carrying a bloody baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire declaring just how much "Dad" would have loved that weapon (Dad, being the deceased John Winchester; Jeffrey Dean Morgan who now plays Negan on The Walking Dead. Negan's weapon of choice is a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire that he named "Lucille".)

I was always disappointed that they did not dress David Boreanaz up as a vampire for the season one Halloween episode of Bones. (David Boreanaz played Angel on Buffy and then spun off to his own show, Angel)

I also love when actors end up together again in an entirely different show.

Jayne Brook and Wilson Cruz:

Jayne Brook who plays the character of Admiral Cornwell and Wilson Cruz as Dr. Culber both appeared together in an older NCIS episode "Cover Story" where Jayne played McGee's publisher and Wilson her assistant. Even though the episode aired 7 years ago, I remember it perfectly; originally because Mark Harmon, Jayne Brook and Lauren Holly (Director Sheppard) were all previously regulars on Chicago Hope but then there was Wilson Cruz's running scene...

Volume may be a little low - Turn it up!

(Fun Fact: Rocky Carroll, also from Chicago Hope would replace Lauren Holly a little further down the road)

But I will always think of Ricky Vasquez dancing with Delia in "My so called life" when I see Wilson Cruz or hear this song...

Then there are characters that I have seen before that I do not find distracting to the story but distracting because I feel the need to talk about this useless information.

Mary Wiseman as Cadet Tilly

I did not realize until I stated watching the latest and final season that Mary Wiseman played Ferg's girlfriend in Longmire. She was only in a few episodes in the season before, so I did not remember her but she had much more of a presence in the 6th and final season.

Volume may be a little low - Turn it up!

Shazad Latif as Ash Tyler:

Shazad Latif was a cast member of one of my favorite shows, MI5 (or Spooks, depending on where you live).
He played Tariq Masood, for two seasons toward the end of the series run. If you haven't seen it - I highly recommend it. 

"The title is a popular colloquialism for spies, and the series follows the work of a group of MI5 officers based at the service's Thames House headquarters, in a highly secure suite of offices known as The Grid."

If you watch very closely, his face appears at .06.

There are plenty of shout outs to The Original Series which is always fun.

The first officer asks the computer to supply him with a list of the most highly decorated captains to date, living or dead (keep in mind that we are 10 years before The Original Series, so Kirk would not have been a Captain and possibly would not have even joined Starfleet yet and of course, Picard, Sisko or Janeway would not have been born).

The Computer gives him:

  • Jonathan Archer from Enterprise (set approximately 100 years before Discovery)                       I was glad that Enterprise was included on this list.
  • Robert April - The Animated Series (I had no idea who this was. I suppose this means that the Animated Series should be on my list of what to watch next.
  • Christopher Pike - The Original Series who timeline-wise would be alive and captain of the Enterprise. I wonder if this character will make an appearance on Discovery at some point. If so, that could mean an appearance from Mr. Spock who served with Captain Pike before serving with Captain Kirk. I have my fingers crossed for that.
  • Matthew Decker - The Original Series and obviously before he lost his mind in "Doomsday Machine".
  • Philippa Georgiou from Star Trek Discovery and Captain of the USS Shenzhou

There is a Tribble on board. But only one..... hmmmm.

We hear Lt. Stamets and Dr. Culber discussing the opera La Boheme, from which the musical RENT is loosely based. Both actors have appeared in RENT either on screen or on stage - I am not certain that they have ever appeared together in the same production.

Not to give anything away, but I did read somewhere that the writers were considering using Five Hundred Twenty Five Thousand Six Hundred for a certain scene as an additional shout out to RENT, but decided to go with a smaller number. Let me say that I am certainly glad that they did! Not that it would not have been cute, but we would still be watching that episode.

We see a Gorn skeleton..... 

And...... We have Harry Mudd! That alone should be enough incentive for any Original Series fan to watch.

I did not listen to any pod casts or search the Internet before recording any episode of the pod cast. I did not want anything to distract me or alter my views about what I was watching.

I started listening to a few pod casts since the mid-season finale and found myself getting very annoyed at everything they seemed to be missing or not picking up on because of course our (Moms Going Boldly) theories have to be correct. :)  - I did not get through any of them.

(Updated:  As I said above, I started listening to a few but they really did not hold my interest. Not long after I wrote that post,  I happened upon "Discovery Debrief - A Star Trek Discovery Pod Cast" (I will give them a shout out here) and I really did enjoy it - I will give you no spoilers about their theories, but do check it out. I think I listened to it all over a two day period (maybe three).

I did try a few times to watch the After Trek program. I do not believe I made it though a complete episode, though. From what I did see, there was not much information to be found there. Unlike The Talking Dead, the only guests were the actors and others connected with the show (writers, directors....); people who cannot give away story lines or discuss theories. 
Although the Talking Dead does feature the actors, directors, creators and writers they also use other celebrities who have nothing to do with the show other than their own fandom. As the people associated with the show have to keep a bit closed mouthed about the story lines or theories, the others can and do just go there.

As for the series.... It took me a few episodes to get used to a new Star Trek and there are many things that need an explanation, but I love the cast and even got over the actors who at the beginning were distracting me with their previous roles. I still have a hard time thinking of it as a prequel, but overall I have to say that I enjoy it. It just got better and better as it went along.

The burning question, moving into the second half of season 1 (without giving away too much)?

Is the character that we theorize is actually "another" character, really who we think he is?


Was this just an elaborate ploy set up by the creators of the show to throw us all off track? 

1.As I understand it, there was an IMBD page that listed the character in question as playing the "other" character. It has since been removed but of course not until quite a few people had spotted it. 

2.The actor now listed as playing the "other" character has no photos or credits to his name other than Star Trek Discovery.

I had heard about #2 earlier on but I had not heard about the IMDB page until just the other day. That would be a very BIG mistake for someone to make which almost leads me to believe that it was done purposely to create and foster this theory. 


We shall see.

Stay tuned - Part 2 of Season 1 will begin on January 7, 2018.

I have finally made it through my re-watch of the entire Next Generation series.
We will talk about that another time.

For now, LLAP

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