Friday, December 29, 2017

If nothing else, this year was unforgettable

2017 began for me feeling like it was nothing more than an extension of 2016. I was still in the midst of battle with Social Security. This battle began in October 2016 and was finally "resolved" (she says not very loudly and fearing the jinx) in April 2017. I was right, I knew I was right. I knew enough to check into these things, but still they were willing to have me pay back $12,000.00. It is crushing to have worked so hard to put things in place well ahead of time to ensure my child would be taken care of when I am gone and then feel as if everything was falling apart all at once. If I had not stuck to my guns and had just given up, either I would be paying back $12,000.00 or DC would have to pay it back in small increments from his SS check for the next 13 years!

The Beginning:

Social Security, Adult Children, Lessons Learned and a Heads Up - October 2016

But there was more:

But Wait, There’s More! - February 2017 

Speaking of feeling as if everything was falling apart all at once; there were marches to attend....

There were representatives to call and write almost on a daily basis. It was becoming exhausting. It HAS become exhausting! I have watched more Cspan this year than I ever thought possible.

DC's anxiety seemed to kick into high gear mid year and I saw meltdowns like I have not seen since he was very young. Above all, Mondays seemed to be a problem.

Then there was........ The Dentist.

Both of us seemed to have to spent a LOT of time in a dental chair this year.

After meltdowns and the constant calling and writing representatives, the dentist was something that engulfed my life. I began to get really resentful about all of it.

The high point of all of these dental visits? DC had to have his first (and hopefully his last) root canal. Not really what one would consider a high point, but he surprised me and did exceptionally well with it. In some ways, he is "growing up".

All of this led to the gaining of much additional weight (me), so much so that I rarely want to leave the house anymore. I am embarrassed, but working on it.

There were some bright spots along the way, though. 

In March I gave up getting to stay in the Star Trek Room and opted for the Wizard of Oz Room, because how does one pass up the Wizard of Oz room when DC is in the house? As it turned out, the Oz room scared him at first (not the reaction I was expecting) but he grew to love it and we had a great time in the frozen tundra known as the Catskills.

We attended a costume party at the Cape in April and there is nothing like getting to wear a costume during the year while seeing old friends. The TARDIS was the only costume that came in my size :)

In June I was able to meet (in person) and spend some time with one of my very good on-line friends, Jennifer and her family while on a trip to Virginia. Jennifer, of Seriously Not Boring fame and her family showed us the sights and of course, knowing DC as they do, brought us to a very large bookstore. 

I have not yet written about this trip for my #TravelingWithDC series because I bombarded people with so many pictures on my page that week, I thought I'd wait just to give them a break. It was a fun trip spent with fun people. I will be writing more about it soon.

In September, we headed to NYC (DC's favorite place) and to NJ for a Supernatural Convention. A prequel post for this event came in at #3 of my top 5 posts this year on this site.  The only thing on DC's mind was meeting Kim Rhodes (Sheriff Jody Mills but forever Zach and Cody's Mother to DC) and it was all I heard about daily until he did.

If I had to choose DC's Number One Top Moment of 2017 - it would be this meeting with Kim Rhodes..... She was wonderful to him and he was over the moon! If you open no other links on this post, open and read this one: Let's Talk About Kim Rhodes (which coincidentally came in at #1 on my main blog page). He will never forget that day and I am forever grateful to her for the attention she gave him that day.


Also in September, I ventured way (way, way) out of my comfort zone, when I was invited and agreed to participate in a weekly Star Trek Discovery Pod Cast with another very good on-line friend, Elizabeth (aka Autism-Mom) called Moms Going Boldly  In the end, after all of my anxiety and pacing - it was fun! I enjoyed it and looked forward to it every week.

And... after writing my annual crabby before Christmas post: We are allowed to vent sometimes, we actually had a pretty good Christmas (Traditions New)

2017 was DC's second seizure free year (she again says with trepidation as the year is not officially over yet)

Although his anxiety still seems to be higher than it was before 2017 hit, the meltdowns seem to be coming  less frequently lately and Mondays seem to be just Mondays for now.

The weight? I am working on it.

2017? It was as "unforgettable" as Kahless (see what I did there?) but I am not all that choked up to see it go. As it stands right now, it is looking like the daily/weekly/monthly  "calling of our representatives" will not be coming to an end anytime soon, but as for the rest...

I remain hopeful.......

(and looking forward to the new episodes of Discovery)


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