Friday, May 26, 2017

"Maybe It's Allergies?"

It is allergy season and as much as I have been suffering, DC does not seem to be (so far, knock wood) all that much. He had a few days (so far, knock wood) of coughing and sneezing but compared to last year at this time - it's been cake ....

Did somebody say "Cake"?

From last year: The boy who will never admit that he is sick, was doing a lot of complaining.

DC was not the only one having a hard time, though. Some were having just as hard of a time understanding it....

Facebook Status from This Time Last year....

DC has really been suffering with allergies for more than a week. 
I have written notes and called to let his program know that the coughing and sneezing is due to ... 
his allergies. 

He was even absent one day last week because he didn't get any sleep and I explained that it was due to.....
his allergies

The following day after he was out due to...... 
his allergies, 

I received this note from his program:

"Dc has been coughing" 

I replied to the note:
Yes, as I said before, he is having a very hard time with.... 
his allergies
The allergy med is helping his nose but hasn't done much for the cough yet"

Yesterday (it had rained) I received this note from his program:
"DC was much better today. Hopefully the rain washed the pollen off the trees" 
(Me (thinking) Pollen=Allergies - I think they've got it!!!!)

I spoke (thought) too soon...

Note from Program Today
"DC has been coughing and sneezing very hard during lunch today"
and wait for it....

"He might have allergies."



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