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#TravelingWithDC - Newport, The Cape and The Party

Our annual trip to Cape Cod for my very old friend, Allison's mother's birthday bash happened to fall on Easter weekend this year.

This year...... COSTUMES!!!!

Normally because Doug does not like these sort of events and DC would not get through the entire night AND so I can have some time with my friends uninterrupted, I attend with my other friend, Rhonda. DC and Doug have a boy's night out while the party is going on. He usually makes an appearance toward the end of the evening when things are winding down.

But this year was a Costume Party, so DC was willing to attend, of course.

We left on Friday morning right after DC's blood work was done. I saved the blood work until Friday because I normally need reinforcements and Doug would be off work (as we were leaving that morning). As it turned out, I did not need the reinforcements at all (Yay!)

This was not to be an official "Looking Around" trip but we would be doing some looking around on the way up. On the way back would be Easter Sunday so dinner would be involved somewhere along the way home.

Having just said only days before that I hadn't been to Newport in such a long time, that turned out to be our first stop,

Doug was in search of the wave with feet for his annoying "Sleeping Picture" (Don't ask) and DC was in need of wings.

We found both.

In-between sleeping pictures and wings, we did a little bit of looking around even though this was not an official "Looking Around Trip". (We only spend a few hours there, so we will be making an official trip back very soon).

Of course, there was ice cream...

and the Bat Mobile????

Moving on.....

The only thing he missed in Newport was a book store, so moving on; we found one in East Sandwich, MA. We just happened upon it.

There was a cat.

Surprisingly, it went well.

We decided not to book the resort where the party was being held. It was expensive, being Easter weekend and a good chunk of the price is a resort fee for the water park, When DC started having seizures, the doctor specifically said he could no longer take baths or go swimming. Yes, everyone looks at me just the way you are looking at this page right now, but that is what I was told. I suppose I can see the reason for that. It would be hard enough getting him out of the water (he's a big guy) without having to also worry about how much water he is swallowing. So, me being me; forever anal about following the rules (ask anybody) doesn't let him take baths or go swimming. The resort fee is a total waste of money for us. We did book it last year without thinking about the resort fee but it was not Easter weekend, so it was not as expensive.

The hotel we booked was right across the street and I could be there in less than 5 minutes to help set up or for whatever reason I would need to get there quickly. This would be the third year that the party was being held at the Cape Codder (the first year it was held at the Hyannis Resort and Golf Club). DC never showed any particular affinity to the Cape Codder while we were there, but when we passed it by and pulled into the Holiday Inn, he yelled "No! Cape Cod! Missed it!"


THEN when we got into the room there was not the typical desk that DC is used to seeing and setting up his "spot" on.


There was a weird rolling sort of station with no chair. There was a bench that was a little bit too low to go with the desk, but we moved it over anyway and he managed.

There was a restaurant downstairs and they did have wings and cheeseburgers so all was forgiven.

On Saturday we raced around trying to find some last minute accessories for our costumes and raced over to the Cape Codder to help set up. As it turned out, after the stressful set up of the year before, Mary's friend Deena, went low key and no help was needed.

So we had time for lunch and a little more looking around.

We headed back to the hotel to start getting ready for the party.

The 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) and the TARDIS (the only costume that comes in my size) - DC loves David Tennant, the 10th Doctor, but will never pass up the chance to wear a Fez, because Fezzes are Cool.

Armed with his ever-present book,

we took our seats and waited for the birthday girl to make her entrance. We had a table to ourselves so I did not have to worry about this book being on the table all night.

Enter, 'Tina Turner' (the birthday girl):

Not bad for 75, right?

Doug was on call for a burger run if there was nothing DC would eat on the buffet, but it turned out not to be necessary. He ate the prime rib!!! And bread - there was bread, so we were golden. The man cutting at the carving station was concerned because we had been through the entire buffet table by the time we got to the carving station and DC had nothing but bread on his plate. He gave him extra prime rib AND came over to the table after to be sure he had enough to eat.

Normally DC comes to visit the party later on after the crowd clears out a bit so he was not used to the dance floor being as crowded as it was.

No problem though. He opted to dance in the back of the room and had a great time for himself.

Of course the popcorn bar and the donut table added to his good time....

He had fun and lasted much longer than I originally thought he would.

Two days later at home he did tell me, what is becoming a ritual - the after party story about the boy who came to the party and Noooooo one knew who he was (See: Cinderfella). I think that it took him two days because we did not have that long walk back to the room this year, just a short drive.

To be continued in .... The Way Home, Easter, Mystic and a Severed Arm


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