Friday, June 30, 2017

That means?

(Random Facebook posts pertaining to "That Means?")

DC asks "That Means?" often, when he is reading. Most of the time he already knows what "that" means and other times I find myself going on and on trying to find the easiest explanation, to the point that I have to stop and wonder how he's learned what anything means with me being the one doing the explaining.

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A few days ago DC somehow figured out from one of his books that the word “Sympathy” in a way means “sorry”. So on that day, DC was “in sympathy” for sneaking chips.

From Blog Post - Happy? Sorry?

********* Then there was that time when I blurted out a profanity while driving (which to be honest, is really nothing new).
DC repeated it, loudly and asked "That means?" 

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