Thursday, October 24, 2019

Another Week (Or So) In the Life

Some weeks are just "busier" than others here in DC-land.

This week was certainly memorable.

When you look past the humor of some of it, you really can see some progress and independence.

FB Status - October 17, 2019

So.... DC decided that it was a good idea to shave off (most of) his eyebrows last night.
Happy Thursday!

(No worries, though - he seemed pretty proud of the "accomplishment")


FB Status - October 19, 2019

First Party of the Season:
It’s funny... last year or maybe the year before, knowing DC's love of Disney characters and of course, Halloween - someone messaged me to see if we had a Sully costume in our collection. I told her that oddly enough, DC had never asked to be Sully for Halloween.
Well out of the clear blue sky, he asked this year...
So ‘K’ - this one will be available after the party today if you never ended up doing the Sully thing that year


FB Status - October 22, 2019

This is DC sitting calmly waiting for blood work to get done.
Sitting calmly...
Not only was he sitting calmly, we got out of there a whole hour earlier than I anticipated. I don't know if it was a fluke or what, but I'll take it...
Such a difference from that first time 4 years ago (here)


FB Status - October 23, 2019

DC works works in Group Supported Employment. During the summer, he works in their greenhouse and sometime in the fall he moves inside to "Make The Dog Bones" (the dog biscuit room). We are in the "Dog Bones" portion of the year.
The other day I got a note that, just to switch things up and I assume because they needed help in another area, he and one of the IA's went to work packaging hole punch labels (? no idea what that means)
He wasn't happy and after a while announced "I quit". Which I thought was pretty funny (but I'm the Mom and I can't laugh). But I was also surprised because I had never heard him say that or use that phrase.
Today when he called me on his way home, I asked as usual what he did that day:
DC: Dog Bones Room
Me: Oh, you didn't have to do label packaging today?
DC: I quit!
Okay, so he does know what that means AND the quitting stuck.


FB Status - October 24, 2019

You have heard me say it before..
DC has a habit of calling me upstairs to say absolutely nothing. He does it on a regular basis.
Yesterday I was in the kitchen putting dishes away when I hear “Vickie, please come here”
I yell from the kitchen “What’s wrong?”
DC: Come here please.
I stop what I am doing to run upstairs and first he says:
“Nothing wrong” and then...
“Play with band-aids when I am done” - nothing that couldn’t have waited until he came downstairs.
So I tried once again to explain that he shouldn’t keep making me run upstairs to tell me something like this. It can wait until he comes back down.
Realizing that he could possibly take that to mean “don’t call me to come upstairs at all - even if there is something really wrong”, I back tracked and said that he should call me if it’s an emergency (DC’s concept of an emergency is anything he might need help with so I felt confident using that word).
Today, from upstairs I hear. “Mom, it’s an emergency”
Up the stairs I go only to hear..
“Mom, your hair looks horrible”


So there you have it. A little bit of independence and standing up for himself, a little bit of problem solving (or testing me) and the blood work, let's not forget the blood work!


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