Saturday, October 5, 2019

More #TalesFromTheDayProgram

I read a note in DC's "Talk Book" on Thursday...

"DC was a little bit upset this morning" ... that went on to explain how upset he was, what he did and that they did not know what it was all about.

Now, if this had been the morning before after two random meltdowns, I would have understood, but that morning he was just fine when he left for work.

I read the note as soon as I got home from work. DC was still out with his staff so I texted his driver to see if anything had set him off on the way.
He told me that DC was perfectly happy when he got out of the car.

If you have been here for any length of time, you already know that communication is difficult.
I can't ask too many questions or he will shut down.
I have to be careful not to ask leading questions because he will just give me a random answer.
I have to be careful about how many times I ask the same question because he will think he's gotten the answer wrong and change it.

I asked him if he could tell me why he was so upset at work that morning.

After all of the "Not upset", "Happy", "Nothing wrong" replies that I usually get when I try to figure out what is going on, I did finally get a few clues.

Usually when he gives me these random clues, I can, at times figure out what happened. It takes a lot of thought about things that may not have been noticeable or seemed relevant at the time, but for some reason stuck with DC.

But I wasn't there, so the information meant nothing to me. I could only come up with a few guesses at what might have happened.

"Lights were out"
"Door was stuck"
"It was an emergency"
"Bathroom door"

I wrote all of this in his talk book with a few guesses as to what may have happened.

Maybe the bathroom light went out or he couldn't get into the bathroom.
Maybe the door to the building was stuck or locked and it was raining.

As I said, I wasn't there but I wrote that maybe they could make some sense of all of this.
I know that usually "Emergency" has something to do with the bathroom.

The reply in his book when he came home on Friday?

"Thank you for the info" and the basic note about what he did at work that day.

Nothing to explain what happened.
Nothing to say that they were able to figure out what happened or even that they were not able to figure out what happened from what he was able to tell me. Nothing, almost as if to tell me "This is what happened. We don't care why it happened. We don't want to know if there is a problem that needs to be addressed. We really don't care as long as he stopped."

Just nothing.


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