Wednesday, February 1, 2017

When His Random Movie or Television Line Fits the Mood Perfectly

DC's plans went a little bit haywire yesterday due to the storm. 
The plan was to pick him up early because we were supposed to be getting snow and his program rarely closes early.
Doug offered to go and pick him up him at 1. 
As it turned out, the driving conditions were much worse than anticipated and Doug got trapped on the highway for 3 hours (no exaggeration). I left work when it really started to come down and started driving in the direction of either home or DC's program - whichever I needed to do. 
After a good 45 minute drive I arrived at the spot where I could go left, to get home or right, to get to his program, I called Doug to see where he was. He was still trapped in the same spot so - I went right.
I was able to make it there, slowly; very slowly. That took another 45 minutes,so I arrived much later than he expected. That, and his anxiety over possibly not going to the library had him in a tizzy - and then me showing up instead of Doug just added to his confusion.

It was a long ride home but fortunately I have the "DC Playlist" on my phone so we had a Buffy/Dr. Horrible sing-a-long on the ride home (yes, I confess to knowing all of the words) - 

At the end of this particular song (pictured) DC recited the line that comes right after the song. It is not not on the sound track, only in the episode. He recited it as clear as a bell...

''The hardest thing in this world is to live in it..''

Just another example of DC reciting a random movie/TV line that proves to be absolutely appropriate to the situation or mood. His day did not happen at all as planned. He was over it.

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