Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Carole King and Curtain Calls

(the "I'm home from my program" daily call to me at work)

DC: Hi Mom! I'm home!
ME: Okay, is Doug there?
ME: What are your going to do?
DC: Going to the Li-ber-ary and shop. 

(and right before he hung up)

Going to Car-u King.

ME: That's right. I will be home soon.
Going to see "Beautiful: The Carole
 King Musical" tonight. The only things I could come up with to relate her to something in DC's world (because, everything is related) was to tell him that that she is friends with James Taylor (see: I got the music in me) and that she was also in the Gilmore Girls...

Hope that is enough to get him through it.. 

Hopefully, the fact that he remembered and announced it to me on the phone is a good sign...

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There is nothing that this 'boy' loves more than a curtain call. 
He was so over the top excited that people were watching him instead of the curtain call.

 And... of course I was bawling... because that is still what I do when I see him so excited and happy about something - especially when the something was something I was worried that he would not like at all.

The show was a success! 

Now if someone could just come up with a show made up entirely of curtain calls.... that'd be fantastic...

From Facebook Statuses at Take Another Step


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