Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Be careful what you wish for...

3 years ago today DC was so excited to find a princess at a dance he attended. 

She was shy at first, especially with Robin Hood stimming wildly 3 inches from her face. 

When I got him to calm down and act like a 'Jet-tle-man' (DC speak) she decided that he was going to spend every moment of this dance with her. 

They danced a bit but she was happiest marching around the perimeter of the gym and dragging him with her. 

The princess holding on to his arm got old with DC very quickly, but he would not say anything to her - he never says anything to anyone who is doing something that bothers him, he always looks to me to do it. 

With each lap, he would look to me to save him. I wanted him to try to handle it himself so I told him that he should just tell her that he didn't want her to hold his arm for awhile - he wouldn't... 

As they were coming around to where I was sitting once again - he looked over at me and yelled:

"Mom! My arm is bothering you!!!"

and at that point I had to intervene (as did her mother) - 

DC went on to dance with his friends and never even looked in the direction of the princess he'd been so excited about earlier. I guess this is a case of being careful what you wish for.....

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