Sunday, October 23, 2016

40 degrees and cold cuts

DC had an activity scheduled today with his ARC friends. A picnic at the beach. He went with Doug so I could stay home and put his room back together to make room for all of the things I had to buy for him (that I would have bought eventually , just not all at the same time - see latest blog post if you missed that saga).
The only problem I have with these activities is when there is food involved, they don't tell you what is being served ahead of time.
Looking at him, you would probably not guess that he is an extremely picky eater, but he is.
The first message and picture I received was <Insert sarcasm font> "DC is having a great time at the beach - 40 degrees and windy" - but he was steeping up and not complaining too much.

The next was about the food - sandwiches, cold cuts and the dreaded pickle... which he was refusing to eat.
The next pic was of DC holding the sandwich and looking at it - so there was hope!

The next message was that HE ATE IT! ALL OF IT! Ham and cheese! Yay!

He did not eat the dreaded pickle, however but that is no problem at all...

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