Saturday, October 15, 2016

#TravelingWithDC - New Brunswick & Nova Scotia

Instead of our usual October "Halloween Trip", we decided to venture back into Canada - to visit New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.......

If you were to ask DC about his trip, any trip for that matter; you would probably hear about what he ate and the bookstores he visited. Unless he met a Disney Character, saw a show, or visited an amusement park,  food and books are all you are going to be told about.
Below is a collection of Facebook statuses and photos from our recent trip from DC's perspective - or maybe from my perspective of DC's perspective - either way, I know that these were the highlights for him.

Long drive so far, but we found this diner and they had Buffalo "tenders", which was close enough for him at this point. It was a cute place - an old fashioned 50's style diner. I kept thinking that DC's friend, BB would like it there. Service was a bit of a 'de-aster' in DC speak, but he eventually got what he ordered.....eventually.

The following day in Saint John, New Brunswick - DC discovered Fried Pepperoni - He somehow got it into his head that "Fried" sounds just like "Fright", so thinking himself hilarious stopped the waitress every time she went by (fortunately it was not busy) and said "Excuse me! I am frightened!" - and then laughed hysterically. She played along with him as soon as she understood just what he thought was so funny. He had a good time there.

Jelly beans AND Band Aids - all we needed were books....

We did not find books that night but there were  a few other sights to see.

We were tired so we opted to have dinner next to our hotel. This little, very odd place was located in the Ramp Garage (seriously).  All I could think of was the movie "Streets of Fire". 

There was a "musician" playing what I believe to be the same song all night, but he did stop at one point to ask who had their Halloween costumes ready. DC, of course raised his hand and told him that he was going to be the Goblin King.  After he debated with himself out loud about just what a Goblin King costume would look like, we had to tell him..... David Bowie? Labyrinth?? - He was not aware...  and he called himself a musician...

Continuing on the next day to Halifax - Tim Horton's, of course. While there we discovered that somewhere very close by was a Giant Blueberry. What was it about? No Idea, but who could pass up a giant blueberry, especially with a Willy Wonka fan on board?

The books were found in Halifax....

 After books - Dinner, of course.

(Doug cringing at the amount of ice cream DC can shove in his mouth without getting brain freeze - EVER)

I was a little surprised that DC knew who this is. He has not seen that show in quite some time, and even then he was not what I'd call a big fan...

Next stop: Chester, Nova Scotia - DC skipping into Chester (Haven <we'll talk about that another time> )for lunch.

                                          (Video version of skipping into Haven)

On the way to Lunenburg from Chester, a Book Sale sign stopped us in our tracks.


After much searching, he did find two High School Musical paperbacks. Now we could be on our way.

and more books.......................

Oh! We did visit some other sights too...


Saint John - Reversing Waterfall (we did not call it a waterfall for DC's benefit, due to the exasperated expression on his face when he had to keep seeing the falls in Niagara Falls. It was as if he were saying to himself "Why do these people keep making me look at this waterfall over and over again?")

I get the whole "water flowing both ways" phenomenon, but I didn't find it all that impressive.

The Titanic Graveyard - Halifax

Of course, Peggy's Cove...

And a few shots from Lunenburg

From: Facebook Statuses - Take Another Step

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