Sunday, October 23, 2016

Just when I think he's "got it".......

DC attended his camp's Halloween party yesterday. 

The first activity every year is a pumpkin hunt. The campers pick a number out of a bin and then go out to find the pumpkin with the matching number on it (later they paint the pumpkins) - For some reason, DC was never able to fully understand this. He knew what number he had but never seemed to understand that he had to look at the bottoms of the pumpkins to find the same number. 

He'd either look at a few and grab one and announce "I found it", even though it wasn't his number, leaving some other camper to search for a pumpkin that was no longer out there or he'd be the last one out there searching because he'd already found his pumpkin with the matching number but completely did not get that it matched his number and left it where it was. 

So, I make sure I hunt with him now. 

This was the first year he seemed to actually get it. He had #21. 

Well, one of his friends had 12 and the pumpkin she found was clearly 21 but upside down was 12. I tried to explain that to her, but not wanting to upset her, I let her have it and told DC that we would look for the #12 instead.

"NO!" (He had #21 and that was all there was to it)
"NO!" (And the noises began)

The first time he really understood this pumpkin hunt thing and I had to change the number on him.... sigh....

We found #12 and since the pumpkin was much bigger than #21, his friend was very willing to trade with him so he could have his correct number... 


Hopefully this little mix up won't confuse him all over again next year!!

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