Tuesday, January 9, 2018

More Tales From the Grocery Store

I do not know if I have ever mentioned how much I dislike grocery shopping. I really dislike grocery shopping. DC on the other hand, just loves it. It is one of his favorite things to do.

From Facebook Statuses - January 2018 -
DC and I went grocery shopping on Sunday. Grocery shopping is one of his favorite things.

He makes his list, adding the items that "he" wants to the top of the list, then he has to be prompted to add the rest of the items we need.

When we get to the register he carefully chooses “his” items and takes them out the cart first. With each and every item from the top of “his” list that comes out of the cart, he also feels the need to verify that they are actually his.

“This is for YOU” (pointing at himself because “me and you” are often confused). 

Even when he helps to carry in the groceries, he will search through the trunk for the bags that contain “his” items and has to be told that he has to help me carry the other bags too. 

Recently, we have been working on bagging (I really stink at bagging so I should really not be the one teaching this particular skill). 

Sunday; cart unloaded - items almost all scanned - I look up to see DC standing there holding just one bag, with the rest of the items just sitting there. 

He bagged his whoopie pie and was either waiting for his marker and band-aids to get scanned so he could give them their own separate bags too or he was just done since he had his treat in a bag and nothing else mattered. 



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