Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Grocery Store and (more about) Bananas

(A Collection of Facebook Statuses)

Saturday Afternoon:

DC: Oh, Vickie
Me: Yes, DC
DC: "DC's beautiful mother! I L-O-V-E YOU!" 
(hahaha, now I know he is up to or wants something)
Me: I love you too.
DC: We're out of 'a-bannas'
(How is that possible?)
-For those that may be new here: He is an adult and in his mind he should call me by my adult name (at times)
-We always seem to be out of bananas and I will hear about it every five minutes until we get some....

Later that night:
Just now: His nightly ritual - 
DC: Good night, Mom. Sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite. 
Me: Pleasant dreams.
DC: (going off script) I have good dreams. 
Me: Oh? What are you going to dream about?
DC: Tipps
(The grocery store, because as you may or may not have heard .... we are out of bananas)


Sunday Morning:

The List:

First thing this morning, he made his shopping list. Yes, he does yell "check" and make a check while writing the list instead of checking the items off when he gets them. We're working on that.
His shopping list for this particular grocery store is always a bit different than his list for the larger grocery store that we go to weekly.

Bananas, paper and black markers will always be found on both lists. But chicken wings and a black and white cookie do not appear on the list for Tipps. Instead you will find pizza and a whoopie pie

DC has particular reasons for visiting each grocery store. Long ago he discovered that this particular store carried Stromboli. He decided that this was his favorite thing to eat. This was the only reason he ever chose Tipps over the larger grocery store. It has everything a pizza has but there's more bread. Stromboli is also the name of a character in Pinocchio, so he could also pronounce it perfectly.

Later, he discovered whoopie pies. 

Unfortunately, as with almost everything DC loves, the store recently stopped selling Stromboli, so he opts for a frozen pizza when he is shopping there. Yes, frozen pizzas are available in the larger grocery store, but THAT store is for wings, so frozen pizza will only be purchased in Tipps.

But the real draw now that Stromboli is no more, is his new-found love of the whoopie pie...

Last week's Birthday Post (Breakfast of Champions):

DC just has a love of grocery stores in general. So much so that when I run out of Birthday or Christmas list items for the friends and family that always ask me what to get him; when the movies, band-aids, paper, markers, scotch tape and books have all been doled out (not that he can ever have enough of any of the above), I have resorted to assigning someone a grocery store gift card. 

And he is always happy to receive one!

Sunday Afternoon:

Bananas - Check
Whoopie Pie - Check
Pizza - Check
Mission Accomplished

Here's the funny part.... I said earlier in this post that this store stopped selling his favorite thing, Stromboli a little while back so he made the switch to pizza - not very willingly at first, but the switch has been made.

Today there was a whole section of Stromboli and quite a few with the ingredient combo that he prefers: Sausage, Pepperoni and Cheese. Believe it or not, he refused to get one!

He made the switch to pizza and pizza is what is on his list....

So, end of story.......

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