Tuesday, April 4, 2017

DC Speaks on Fantastic Beasts

                    (From Facebook Status)
In my never-ending quest to get DC into something other than Disney movies (and no, I would never try to replace Disney, just expand his interests) I got him to sit down with me and watch "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" on Sunday.

This is a big deal. As much as he loves movies, he generally does not want to sit and watch one with me, because he cannot rewind the same scene 47 times and he also feels like he is missing out on his weekend computer/movie time when I ask him to sit in the living room to watch something with me.

(He also tends to fall asleep when he watches something new while sitting on the couch)

I began telling him days before that we were going to watch this movie so he would be ready and expecting to miss some computer time.
I explained that it would be something like Harry Potter. He really likes Harry Potter, although only the first and second movie when they were young. Once they began to age, he was done and only just tolerated watching them for me. Generally he would do it for the popcorn and fall asleep as soon as that was gone.

He stayed awake for the entire movie and.....
Yes, you read that correctly. I had to take his temperature, just to be sure he was not getting sick or something.

First, Let's just mention, New York City (even though it was NYC, a long time ago - it was New York City, his favorite place!) -
That in itself held his interest until we made it to the beasts.

He actually was able to tell me about it, somewhat afterwards.

DC's Cliffs Notes and Review of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Me: DC, did you like the movie?

DC: Good!

Me: Can you tell me some of the things that happened?

DC: Goblins (eww)
They fit in suitcase 
A lady
Crushing the wall
In New York City (my favorite place) 
Went to the forest in the suitcase - get back to New York City.  Snowing 
We went to Central Park
Tried to get it back 
Firefly's - arms - eww - shoo shoo. 
Big mess in the store. Woah! 

A definite "Two Thumbs Up" as far as DC is concerned. 

(Unfortunately I read afterwards that Johnny "Deep" (DC-speak) has been replaced for the next installment. I don't think he caught or will remember the character's name so hopefully he will not notice. He may notice that Johnny "Deep" is missing but not that someone else is playing the character)

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