Thursday, April 20, 2017

Just maybe he's getting used to the dentist too?

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Two weeks ago

At the dentist with DC, realizing that I am actually sitting in the waiting room and trying to remember just when that change happened. 

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Two weeks ago
Just learned there is a root canal in his future. This whole "over being afraid of the dentist" may be coming to an end...... sigh. 

I get so wrapped up in the "Autism" of it all that the regular things that everyone has to do, like a root canal, totally throw me when they come up. Even after all of this time, it is always as if it has just hit me that "Oh, yes all of these regular things (like wisdom teeth, tonsils, root canals) can happen too". 
 Still have 2 weeks to talk to him about it and hopefully get him ready...

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**** Root Canal Day

Hoping that our success with his blood work last week carries over to his root canal today. So far he's treating it like a regular dental appointment and I tried to explain it just that way by telling him that his cavity is bigger so it will take longer to fix and he might need help keeping his mouth open that long. Fingers Crossed.  #MomIsSweatingButWhatElseIsNew

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I have to say that I was nervous about this. Until earlier this week when he had to get blood work, his regular dentist was the one and only person who has ever been able to give him a shot or use a needle without me having to bring reinforcements to hold him down. 
But blood work was one thing, Novocaine is entirely another thing. He has had Novocaine with his regular dentist but he uses some sort of vibrating thing so DC really never knew that there was an actual needle involved. (Why is this not standard equipment in all dental offices?)

This was a different dentist with no vibrating needle....
I had scheduled it to be done all in one visit because I was afraid if he got too upset at the first appointment, it would be a battle to get him back for a second visit.

 Doug, who gets a little claustrophobic during root canals himself, was more than a little concerned - so I spent the time giving him updates as we went along.

He got through the needle and the big thing they put over his mouth. That, right there was the battle in my mind.

He did start to get upset toward the end. It was a lot, but he made it through.

The aftermath (of him holding himself together for so long) was not fun at all and it took him a long time to calm down after we left the office - but even that happened to a much lesser degree than I expected.

I think we are finally turning a corner here....
(she says, quietly while knocking on wood)


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