Thursday, March 23, 2017

'Chills', My Favorite Place!

We celebrated DC's Twenty Sixth (Twenty- Sixteen: DC-speak) this week. His favorite thing about his birthday (other than cake, parties and gifts, that is) is going "out to eat". It is expected and he seems to do a good deal of "going out to eat" around birthday time.

There is also a very strict list of DC-approved foods for eating in restaurants. He will eat other things at home, but in a restaurant he must have:

Wings, a Cheeseburger (sometimes with Bacon) and French Fries.

If we happen to be somewhere that does not serve the food listed above, then he will move on to the "B" list and order Pizza, mozzarella sticks or in a pinch, ribs.

We always have to study the menu before going anywhere.

OH! There must be bread!

DC has had a favorite restaurant ("My favorite place!") for many years. It is a lobster house.

Now, he will call whatever restaurant we happen to be in at the time, his favorite place and just last weekend while visiting the Catskills he announced that Vastra's Bistro was has favorite place before he even got to the table. You can not always believe that somewhere is actually his favorite, but this particular lobster house, I can definitely say, was his favorite place.

Will he eat lobster?


Will he even taste it?


He orders wings, a cheeseburger and french fries every single time. He just wants to eat them there apparently.

We have gone there for EVERYTHING; his birthday, Mother's Day, his graduation dinner - any occasion you can think of, we have spent at the lobster house.

Quite frankly, I was getting tired of it.

The staff changed, the menu changed, we had a few bad meals towards the end aaannnnnd they stopped serving his favorite desert, Chocolate Fantasy Cake - but still... that was where he wanted to go until... he discovered somewhere better...

This year, finally he changed his mind. He did not even mention the lobster house when requesting his birthday dinner - He wanted to go to "Chills" (Chili's - DC-speak).

I think what pushed him over  to "Chills" was the chocolate chip cookie skillet dessert. (Much better, than chocolate fantasy cake, in my opinion). They do not have bread, but they have chips - and he loves chips.

He got his chips, wings, cheeseburger, french fries and a song with his cookie skillet...

And just like that, he has a new favorite place......

(They also have a lighter menu options so I can pretend to stay on my diet)

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