Tuesday, March 21, 2017

IP Meetings (No 'E" since he's left the school system)


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6 month IP (no "E", he's out of school) review meeting this morning - <insert sarcasm font> Can't think of anything that I would enjoy more! <end sarcasm font> #FunTimes #WeDropTheEButTheFunRemains

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Also Today

So.... because there are program changes coming down the pike at DC's work program, my caseworker specifically requested and planned this meeting around a person who could explain (hopefully) how these changes will effect DC. She was not there (she had a good reason) so he requested that another person come into the meeting since we were already there. She did not, but relayed a very vague reply to his question. So..... we now have to schedule another meeting to go over the issues we should have gone over today. Was there really no one in that building that could have answered his questions? Really? That in itself is rather frightening.

I will be writing about those changes on my Official Blog Page when I have a minute to let it all soak in. I don't have much information but what I do have seems ridiculous.

(update: I let it soak and wrote about what I could piece together - here)

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 And Previously on IP Meetings:

"After IP" selfie (IEP's are not over once they leave school, they just remove the "E")

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From Take Another Step Facebook Statuses

 The Only Plus that comes from attending these meetings is I get to have lunch with this guy afterwards.


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