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These are a few of my....

"This is a Listicle Friday post for Finish the Sentence Friday's new format. This week's prompt/list: My favorite things."

I do not participate in Finish the Sentence Friday on a regular basis because if given a prompt and then asked to write; my mind usually goes blank - unless of course the subject is Halloween or Peanut Butter ; topics, it seems I am always able to write about at the drop of a hat.  After the fact, I can always think of 100 other things that I could have written about - I just cannot seem to come up with anything on the spot.

When I do participate it is usually because I had already been writing a post in my head and the similar FTSF prompt makes me sit down and finally write it down or the prompt just happens to be about something I had already written about.

Under their new format the FTSF prompt this week is a Listicle and the prompt, My Favorite Things.
"I can make a list on the fly", I said to myself. I might even make a list without adding Halloween and Peanut Butter (just know they are there, in spirit). Even though I am 100% sure that I will come up with so many other options after I hit "publish", I am happy with my choices right now.
So over and above Halloween and Peanut Butter, these are a few of my favorite things of late.

#8  Cheaters

Having to start wearing "reading glasses" about 10 years ago was just the first indication that old age was just round the bend.

Originally the glasses I wore were prescription and I always ordered the least noticeable frames that I could find. When it became apparent that I needed to wear them more often, and the glasses never seemed to be in reach when I needed them, my choices were:

Wear them around my neck so they would always be on hand when I needed them. Or buy a few pair of "cheaters" to place strategically around the house.

I chose the cheaters.

I bought a few pair that were actually pretty cute. Every once in a while I would add to my collection when a pair fell apart, or as my sight worsened and found I just did not have enough to place in every spot where I needed them.

I got so used to wearing them that I would not remember to take them off all of the time and they would all end up in the same place.

Or I'd make the mistake of looking in the mirror while wearing them (something like the shock of opening your camera app and have it open in selfie mode! ~ Not much else is quite that frightening)

Over time, the glasses began to disappear or break. (I am convinced that the lost glasses reside in the same dark hole where all of the missing socks are mysteriously sucked into). I did not want to go out and purchase more at the prices I had paid in the past for a single pair, but I also did not want to go back to the inexpensive wire rimmed glasses.

I went to my old stand by, Amazon and found these:

There is a large choice of colors and patterns. They seem pretty sturdy and they come in sets of 5 - all for the price I used to pay for just one pair! (and they are pretty cute as well!)

#7  Bengal Spice Herbal Tea from Celestial Seasonings

I have never been a fan of tea. As kids, tea along with Ginger Ale were the things my mother always gave us when we were sick. So I always looked upon both as medicinal. A couple of years ago, I decided I was drinking far too much coffee. Not being someone who likes to drink water, I would basically drink coffee all day long. After a stretch of daily headaches someone suggested that I might be dehydrated because of all of the coffee. I decided that I would stop drinking coffee - not all together, because .... lets not get crazy - but during the day at work.  I decided to try tea (decaffeinated, obviously - it's the caffeine that dehydrates). Not being a fan of tea, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Bengal Spice. It smells really good too, so if you are like me and <insert sarcasm font> "occasionally"  <end sarcasm font> leave your not so empty cup in your office overnight, it is a wonderful scent to open your door to in the morning!

#6  West Wing Weekly

I recently happened upon a Pod Cast called the West Wing Weekly.
Being the #1 fan of the West Wing (even more-so these days) - I was thrilled.

 "The West Wing Weekly" goes episode by episode. They provide a lot of back story, guests from the show, politicians who either had something to do with the issue being discussed in the episode or provide some explanation about other issues.I listen in my car to and from work and pretty much all day at work, providing me with my West Wing fix and drowning out all of the nonsense going on outside my office door.

Now I can not only binge watch The West Wing, I can binge listen too. I am in the second season of listening and they are recording the fourth. I will be disappointed when I catch up and have to wait a full week between episodes. 

#5  Coffee 

Although my coffee drinking is now supplemented with tea, coffee is still one of my favorite things. 

My mother started letting me have coffee at breakfast when I was in 3rd grade. I remember telling her one day that a teacher asked the class what we had for breakfast that morning and I included coffee in my list of breakfast items. I told her that the teacher thought it was odd. My mother then yelled "Did you tell her that I fill the cup with mostly milk?"

Well.... no. 

Quick tip: If you are trying to trick (trick being the operative word) your child into drinking milk by letting her have coffee, do not expect that child to report it that  way to the teacher.
Somewhere around the 7th grade, I started drinking it black (due to the start of my never-ending diet, I assume) and I never went back. There will never be anything like that first cup in the morning - never.

Unfortunately these days I seem to spend more time looking for my coffee than drinking it.


#4 - "Looking Around" Weekends
For years we have always taken one big vacation, usually in January, and another smaller 5 day driving distance vacation at the end of August right before school started. With DC out of school and the changing of schedules, we have instead begun taking long weekend "Looking Around Trips". Long weekends to places in driving distance that are not always the home of a big attraction. They are less stressful and less expensive so we can go more often. We've seen many places and some pretty incredible and weird things. I find that at this moment in time, I am enjoying these mini-vacations much more than the longer bigger vacations we used to take. It is possible at some point that will change but for right now, these "Looking Around Trips", as we call them for DC's understanding of the scope of the trip, are just fine with me.

#3 - Good Friends 
I am fortunate to have friends that are willing to go all out for things that DC loves.
Whether it be Halloween, Sing-a-longs in costume, sitting through a play or even making sure that there are wings and/or garlic bread on the menu for him at any large or small event. DC and I are very grateful for the friends we have - the friends who "get him" (and me).

Given the topic of this Listicle, I could not resist adding this photo from: How do you solve a problem like......

#2  Sleep Tight

I am not sure exactly when it started, and yes it's a bit corny but I love it. DC watches TV in his room for a little while before falling asleep every night. When he decides to turn the TV off, remove his glasses and put them in their "spot", ready to go to sleep, he will call in to my room:
"Good Night, Mom", and so begins the nightly exchange:

Me: Good Night, DC
DC: Sleep tight
Me: Don't let the...
DC: Bed Bugs Bite
Both: All right!

Every . Single . Night.

It's a goofy ritual, but it's ours. It still makes me smile every night.

#1  Good Morning Mom! 
I do not know what it is. It may be just the way he says it, but my most favorite part of the day is when I go into DC's room in the morning to wake him up and the first words out of his mouth are "Good Morning, Mom". Maybe because he was non-verbal until he was 7 and I never thought I'd hear that or maybe because the way he says it is so genuine, not a script like many of the things he says on a regular basis, but I will NEVER tire of hearing it.


This has been a Finish the Sentence Friday post, hosted by Kristi of and Kenya of Sporadically Yours. This week’s Listicle prompt is “My favorite things" 


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