Monday, November 7, 2016


Yesterday I was informed many times that we were "out of 'abanas'". If you follow this page at all you know this always seems to be thing. Yes we are out of bananas quite often because bananas are not something I can buy in large quantities ahead of time and save. They go bad too quickly.
So.... we are out of 'abanas' a lot. It can't be helped.

Yesterday, we also had to attend his Best Buddies walk and I made the mistake of telling him that we would stop at the grocery store on the way home from the walk.

That was all he could think about....

He had a good time walking but as soon as the actual walking part of the day was done, he wanted to leave. He wanted to go shopping. His Buddies and I talked him into staying a little while longer and he did allow himself to have some fun.

They decorated a pumpkin. They went on a hay ride. They danced to the music. Even though he was having fun, he must have mentioned "shopping" to his buddies, more than once. I am sure he made it sound like we would be shopping for something very important - like a car or furniture.

One of his Buddies asked me what we would be shopping for since DC was so excited about it.

Imagine my embarrassment when I had to tell her that this big exciting  shopping trip was just to get  groceries and yes, he gets this excited about grocery shopping all of the time.

I swear this child is not starving......


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For more on the 'Abana' battles:

Last night, DC came home from his after-camp program and gave me a hug. A few minutes later when I was standing at the kitchen counter, he decided he needed another hug. Not all that weird, he loves hugs but he just had one just a few minutes earlier. While he was giving me this second hug he says
Mom, we are out of 'a-banas'. 
Apparently I was blocking the corner where the bananas are kept and he needed to give me a hug so he could see behind me. 


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DC is at a party with his Dad today (and might I point out it is Sunday and yes, there is cake) - While I was in the grocery store, his Aunt (His Dad's sister) texted me a few photos of DC at the party. Since I was in the store to get his bananas, I decided to text her a pic so she could tell him that I have them, so he didn't have to worry about his 'a-bannas' any more....
DC has radar. He knows when I have been shopping even if there is no evidence left out to indicate that
 I have been to the store - he just knows and instinctively starts going through cabinets, the 'refig-a-lator', and freezer to see just what is there for him.
He is so good that one day I hid something in a cabinet; one that I never hide things in and one that he never goes in because it has the glasses that he doesn't like in it. But he came home with his staff, Elizabeth and went directly to that cabinet and found what I had hidden. Elizabeth just stood there with her mouth open in disbelief. He's THAT good.
I am sure he will still do some inventory when he gets home but knowing that the bananas are here might make it go a bit faster..

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A few times that I have dropped the ball...

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