Monday, November 7, 2016

All questions are usually answered with a "Yes"

(unless you ask him if he is ready to go to bed or if he wants something like spinach - you may get a "No" on the first try)

Verbal vs. Communication -

I have said many times before that although DC is verbal, communication is difficult for him.

There are times when he just does not understand the question. The concept of who, what, where, when and how is difficult for him.

There are times when he is just too distracted and gives a random answer to a question.

There are times when he is just tired of the questions and will say anything to make them stop.

The one constant with DC is that just about every question is answered with a "Yes" and once in awhile a "Great!" the first time the question is asked.

Questions almost always have to be asked more than once to get his attention, but asking too many times leads him to believe that he has gotten the answer wrong and will change it. It's a thin line.

Therefore it is always really hard to determine which if any of the answers he gives are correct.

We attended a Best Buddies Walk yesterday - DC's regular Buddy was going to be late but his new Buddy and a friend were coming to walk with him. It was getting late and DC was nervous that they were not coming so I told him not to worry - I would walk with him until they arrived. Well they arrived just in time but because I said I would walk with him, I was required to walk with them. So as not to cramp his style, I walked a little bit behind.

Listening to the conversation DC was having with his Best Buddies during the walk today (one is brand new so she was asking him lots of questions)

Buddy: Do you have any pets, DC?

DC: yes

Buddy: what kind of pets?

DC: Puppies 
 (He doesn't)

Buddy: DC do you like sports?

DC: yes 

Buddy: Do you play football?

DC: yes  
(No - NEVER!)

Buddy: are you a quarter back?

 DC: yes 

Buddy: what other sports do you like?

 DC: basketball 

So pretty much, she learned no new information at all about DC and what she did learn was pretty much entirely made up.

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