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This post IS about Star Trek Discovery

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I wrote a post about the first part of season one of Discovery and I tried hard not to spoil anything. Without being able to spoil, there was not a whole lot I could say.  The post went in another direction and turned out to be more about what distracted me (fun things) than about anything else.

(See: This post is supposed to be about #StarTrekDiscovery)

This post will be more about some of my own theories or hopes for the next season. We have a very long wait for season 2 so some of my theories may change, but for now this is what I have.

I may have offered some of these opinions in other posts or on the #MomsGoingBoldly Pod Cast but am not going to go through everything again to check what I said and where I said it, so please bear with me.

After watching the first half of the season, I wondered whether those first two episodes were really necessary. Most of what happened in the first two episodes (which to be honest, if it were not for the pod cast I would not have stopped watching there) could have been taken care of in exposition or flashbacks. It seems now after watching the rest of the series, those two episodes were there only to bring us the Captain Georgiou character back story and only the Georgiou character backstory. It still seems to me that bringing this character's story into the Discovery story-line could have been just as easily accomplished through flashbacks.

After those first two episodes, it became a whole new show and it was fantastic.

There were things that I did not pick up on right away because I did not realize at first that this was more of a serialized Star Trek and not a stand-alone episodic show like TOS. Elizabeth (Host of #MomsGoingBoldly) picked up on the whole Voq / Ash Tyler conspiracy before I did . But once I realized that this would not be a collection of stand-alone episodes, my compulsion for having to figure out everything kicked in - many times over the rails, kicked in - but it was there every moment.

The biggest question, in my and everyone's mind at the mid-season finale: Was Ash Tyler really Voq and we had that question answered rather quickly in the second half of the season.

I still believe that the IMDB page "error" that listed Shazad Latif as playing a Klingon on Star Trek Discovery (you know the one that was quickly removed?) was all a ploy to build interest in the new series. Knowing Star trek fans would be out in force looking at everything printed or posted, I strongly believe that this "accidental" addition to the IMDB page and then the sudden appearance of an "unknown" actor being credited to the role was all done to get people talking and to help generate fan theories around the show and character.

It certainly worked and whoever came up with that idea deserves a big promotion and raise. Hats off to Star Trek Marketing.

The second half of the first season was even better than the first. We visited the Mirror Universe, which was probably no surprise to anyone, but still fun. We had been a little bit (more than a little bit) leery of Captain Lorka and all of those fears came to fruition when we discovered he was not the prime Lorka at all, but the mirror universe Lorka! Leaving the fate of prime Lorka, who was dismissed as dead a little too quickly by Admiral Cornwell, up in the air. I am hopeful that we will get to meet Prime Lorka eventually.

The death of Dr. Culber at the hands of Ash/Voq was devastating at the time, but even at the time, I felt that this would not be the end of Dr. Culber. Unless you are working in a Joss Whedon production, I do not believe that anyone would hire Wilson Cruz and set up this lovely relationship with Paul Stamets only to have it end so abruptly in the very first season. You just don't.

(Full disclosure; After Kol was killed I did go on the record on that episode's pod cast as saying, "You don't cast Kenneth Mitchell as an unrecognizable Klingon only to kill him off in the first half of the season". And so far, I guess the show's creators may have done just that very thing. So what do I know?)

But....according to some of the articles, tweets and posts I have read very recently, I might have correctly taken my assigned seat on the  "Dr. Culber Lives" bandwagon.

Let us not forget that lone spore that fell on Cadet Tilly's shoulder. Is it a piece of mirror Lorka? Is it the piece of Dr. Culber that we met in the mycelial network? Is it something else all together? Of course I am hoping for Dr. Culber, but it really opens up a lot of different avenues for the show to take.

L'Rel has taken control of the Klingons.... for the time being. 

Mirror Georgiou is still out there. We surely have not seen the last of her.

I am guessing that we have not seen the last of Harry Mudd either.

When we left Discovery, they were on their way to Vulcan to pick up their new captain. My first question is why is Saru being passed over?  The next question - who is this new captain? My money is on T'Pol but really only because they are headed for Vulcan and I really cannot come up with another character that we have seen before who would be alive during this time period. But who knows, it may just be a totally new character all together. Jeffrey Combs? I am waiting for him to make an appearance somewhere along the line. It IS becoming tradition.

At the very end of the last episode, while on their way to Vulcan, the Discovery received a distress signal from none other than the USS Enterprise - Captain Pike to be specific.

This was exciting to say the least. We all know that the Enterprise's science officer in this part of the Star Trek timeline is none other than Mr. Spock.

I am excited to see who will portray Captain Pike, but I am not 100% convinced that we will actually get a Mr. Spock (an observation of mine that I do not think made the cut in the final episode's pod cast - but I did not listen to it all over again to be sure).

I am really not 100% convinced that we will see either (more-so, Mr. Spock) but I would be very happy to be wrong. Casting these two characters will be very difficult, indeed.

I have one final observation/obsession/theory that I cannot seem to shake. Due to the treatment of Voq by the Klingons, the manipulation of his body and mind by L'Rel and because that manipulation/surgery and reprogramming did not go as expected and left him as basically one body sharing two vastly different personalities, memories and allegiances; I believe there will be a breaking point. A break from both Klingon and Human. Maybe a failed attempt to revert to his Klingon body combined with the added confusion and stress of being not one or the other; but something will lead this character to drop both the Voq and Ash identities and become the character we all know as "The Albino" from DS9.

I may never see pay dirt on this theory, but unless I see Voq/Ash's death at some point during this series, I will continue to believe that he is The Albino. It will be fact, if only in my own head.


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