Friday, March 23, 2018

Connecting to 'I love you"

Yesterday was DC's 27th birthday.

‘Twenty-Seventeen’ (27 in DC-speak) is so difficult to wrap my head around. We’re moving closer and closer to 30 and I may never get over that.
Many times over the years and the course of a day, DC will tell me that he loves me, complete with the “I Love You” sign.
I, of course will say and sign it right back.
This has morphed over the years into our own little thing, where we connect our two “I Love you” signs into one and I love it! It was DC who first came up with the connecting.

That "I love you" connect just makes me happy every day, but especially on his birthday. Who would have ever thought he would come up with that himself?
This child is the love of my life. He is my joy.
My wish for my boy on his birthday is that the rest of his life will be filled with the love and happiness he brings to me every day.
Happy Birthday to the guy who will always be my baby. 

I love him “Magly”. 
(This is a small excerpt from DC's annual birthday post)

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