Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Good Doctor and "All Things Autism"

I never fail to get that "shocked" look when people ask and I tell them I have never seen Parenthood, Touch, made it through a few episodes of The A-Word, did not see the Accountant or the Good Doctor (I did see Atypical). Why do people act as if I (or any of us) am/are "performing under par" or not living up to our "parental duties" by not watching every single thing that comes out involving autism?? Are they afraid we will miss out on learning something life-changing???? #ChillPeople

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I did not watch the Good Doctor. I am on the fence about whether I will or not. I am glad that we are beginning to see more characters with autism on Television and in Movies, but these characters always seem to be at the same or around the same level on the spectrum, once again giving the general public a skewed idea of autism. I am also a little bit disappointed that they made the character a savant (although I do hear that it is explained in the show that Savant Autism is a different diagnosis), we have finally gotten people over the Rain man version of autism and now we are given another savant. Autism is a large spectrum and I am hoping we will eventually see other characters that represent other branches of this spectrum.

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For the post that was the reason behind the post above, please see Walk One Day In Our Shoes' review and thought about The Good Doctor here: Walk One Day in Our Shoes - FB Review

I do not believe that anyone is saying that the recent trend of new shows with autistic characters is not a good thing. Of course, raising awareness by putting more autism on TV is a good thing. I think that if we are going to go in that direction, we need to see more of the spectrum represented.

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