Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Quarantine Diaries Part 26 - Birthday Anticipation

March is always a big month for DC. 

It is my birthday month, which means "out" to dinner for him, or in this case "take out at home" dinner for him.

AND it is also HIS birthday month, which is much more important.

Both my and DC’s birthdays are this month - so you know he is announcing this daily (many, many times). Numbers were never his thing and you might remember when he was 28 - it was Twenty-eighteen (in DC speak), 29 was Twenty-nineteen. Now he’s turning 30 (!!!!!) this month, so 30 is now Twenty-Thirty. The funny thing is that he seems to have absolutely no problem pronouncing and announcing my age! No problem at all - clear as a bell.

- Facebook March 8, 2021

This year, celebrating my and his birthdays seems to be extra important to him and of course it is …

He has not really been able to go anywhere for fun in almost exactly a year. All he really looks forward to is getting takeout a couple of times per week.

I totally understand this. I cannot say that I always have the patience for the reminders and continuous questions, which have reached a record high this month, but I try.

Normally when DC gets himself in this much of a frenzy, it is when we are going on vacation. Over the years, I have learned that it helps if I just write out his vacation schedule on his phone and make it his wallpaper, so every time he wants to ask, it is there for him to look at. It really does make him feel better to have it right in front of him.

This does not help when he is at home and although putting everything on the calendar is a must, it does not keep him from asking. So to save my sanity, I made a sign to answer every question he has been asking over and over again. I am hoping this will calm him down a bit.
I really think I need to buy one of those signs with magnetic letters to hang up, so I am "off" to Amazon for one more pandemic purchase - Facebook March 9, 2021

The bulletin board with letters will arrive on Thursday. I am sure we will get a lot of use out of it, even after this whole pandemic is over.

I know that he is disappointed that he can't have the birthday that he usually has with his friends. I am trying to make this one special for him.

(More about that later)

Fingers crossed for a Happy Birthday for DC!


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