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Quarantine Diaries Part 8: Bald and Toothless

I confess that there is a little (a lot) of venting in this post. Everyone needs to vent once in a while, so I will be doing just that.
One cannot vent without using run-on sentences.... just so you know.
The day after Mother's Day....

DC: Goodbye flowers.

Goodbye grass.

Goodbye sun.

Me: What are you talking about?

DC: Mother’s Day is over.
Me: What did you do?
He took down the picture he drew for me yesterday, crumpled it up and threw it away...
because Mother’s Day is over. 😢
It’s supposed to climb into the 80’s next week so DC and I have to go for a walk or something so Doug can come in put in the A/C because ... I just can’t deal with heat on top of all of this. DC walks by the AC on the floor in the living room and just stares and points. He’s not happy.
I, on the other hand am not looking forward to the constant “Hair-dish-on” conversations we will be having hourly once it goes in, but seriously, I just can’t not have it in and ready. #IsItHotInHereOrIsItJustMe


When we got home from our walk - I had to use the very last few sprays in the lysol can to spray the air because Doug had been inside of the house (He wore a mask, but still) and wipe down everything he may have touched and move everything that I had moved out of the way, back to where it belonged because DC wasn't having all of these things "out of place". 

While I was trying to do all of that because he was complaining, he also wanted to "pug in" his phone and stood there complaining about that and "put everything back" until I got the book case back where it belonged so he could do that.

Doug decided that he would get us lunch, as an apology to DC for putting the A/C in and also to give me a little break so there was someone else there for DC to ask all of his questions to (that never works, but it was worth a try). He wanted to meet us at the park to have the lunch but I did not want DC to sit at or touch the picnic tables so we opted for the back porch.
This is the first time we have been all together for a meal since March 22.

DC also has a new and improved pronunciation for the Air Conditioner... He's gone from "Hair-dish-on" to "Hair-dish-a-ner" - closer, much closer. I know this because I have heard it many many times since the air conditioner went in.
Just to be clear; I am not complaining about him at all. I know this is difficult for him, I do. I get it and try to be as patient as humanly possible. He has his moments and so do I.
During the first week of lock-down, I broke a crown. It just snapped right off and it hurt like hell for a couple of weeks. I did not want to have to go to the dentist during all of this and since I cannot go anywhere without DC, I certainly did not want to have to bring him to the dentist with me.
Because of this, I had to make sure to chew on the other side of my mouth - long story short, I have a big implant that spans the space of two or three teeth on that side but when I chew on that side, it feels as if the bottom tooth is going to break because as I was  told after they put it in, my bottom tooth can't support that big implant (and you wonder why I hate the dentist). So far that bottom tooth is holding up but because I am trying not to chew directly on it, another tooth chipped, which kind of hurts when cold or air hits it.
Somewhere around week two, I broke my toe. This is not something unusual for me. I have broken it so many times that the smallest bump breaks it again. Fortunately I did not have to go anywhere that required me wearing a shoe.
When the toe finally healed,  I broke the other one on the other foot.
Both the same way... hitting it on the coffee table. That one is still on the mend but I can wear a shoe and once I get walking, it starts to feel better.
It did put a bit of a damper on our daily walks.
Next, I threw my back out trying to clean under the couch cushions (they are big and heavy), so I had to be careful for the next few days so I didn't do any more damage. It still hurts if I move the wrong way.
I may have mentioned in an earlier post that there is construction going on in the apartment next door (We live in a duplex). This began the 2nd week of the lock-down, when were were woken up at 7:30 am to the walls shaking and what sounded like demolition. Not just noise, I can live with noise, but the crew taking a sledge hammer to the bathroom.
No notice, no heads up.... nothing.
We had no idea what was happening.
This went on for about 4 weeks.
We woke up one morning to no water. They just turned it off!
DC was freaking out because there was no water. Due to the fact that there were also town trucks in the road doing something, I had no idea if they were working on a water main or if the "construction" crew had shut it off.
I ran outside and went to the garage next door and yelled into it "Why don't we have water?"
The "construction" guy said "Oh, I am installing a hot water heater and I had to turn it off. It will only be off for a few minutes!"
"How the F#&% would I know that unless someone tells us ahead of time?" (I've been done being nice for quite awhile now, so there were a few more choice words for him before I went inside to calm DC down)
He looked at me as if I were the one with the problem. This was the same man who on day one of demolition, came to my door - no gloves, no mask and wanted to come in to look at my bathroom!
At that time he also looked at me as if I were the one with the problem! It's a QUARANTINE!
We had a two week reprieve from the construction and I thought after 4 weeks they were finally finished, but no...
they are back once again with no notice and no heads up.
You can't imagine how much all of this affects DC (and me). 
We are trapped here all day every day with all of this going on. It's not right.
That apartment had been empty two months before the quarantine began. My landlord is an electrician and owns his own company. The people who are working next door are not construction workers, they are his electricians. He is probably using then as he always seems to use them - to paint, trim trees or whatever needs to be done, so he has an opportunity for cheap labor and is taking full advantage of it.
I have lost all capability to concentrate on anything.
Our office is closed but I have been called upon to do many tasks since it's closing.
I don't have all of my files and I don't receive all of the information I need, so it is a struggle. I am getting more and more anxious every day due to everything that is being thrown at me and knowing that because I don't have everything I need, my system is a mess. All I can think about is how much of a mess it is and am terrified I will miss something important. 
Over and above not being able to get organized and just sit down and start from the beginning to make everything right, when I do try, I have DC asking for lunch and what's for dinner before he's even had lunch, sticking head bands in my hair and whatever else he decides he's going to do while I try to work, random construction sounds that at times make both of us jump out of our seats, and my remote access system going down many times daily  - I'm spending much of my time just pacing.
Over the past few years I have thought about dying my hair gray. I have ugly gray. I want nice gray.
Since I was not going anywhere anyway, I decided that this quarantine provided me the time to do this.
I ordered color remover. 
I have used it before so I know it doesn't remove everything.
It came out  white (on top, where the dye was new), orange and brown. 
I ordered more, but since hair dye is not a necessity, it took a good two weeks for it to arrive.
I did it again, but it was a different brand and did not take much more of the color out.
I waited through a few days of conditioning and tried the gray.
It came out brown with gray on top (the gray stripe on top was what I was hoping to avoid by dyeing it gray). Brown with a gray stripe was not an option.
I ordered more.
Two weeks later, I tried it again. Back to white, orange and lighter brown.
Then I chopped it off up to my shoulders since the older, hard to remove dye is towards the bottom.
I almost took DC's clipper to it and just shaved it off. It was plugged in and in my hand. If it had been earlier in the lock-down I would have done it (my hair grows pretty fast) but the state is making plans to open up in phases and I don't know when I will have to go back into the office so I stopped myself.
More remover ordered.
At this point I've given up on the gray (maybe) and have no idea what I am going to do with it once I remove more color, but I could very well come out of this quarantine bald and toothless the way things are going.
On the upside....
I did learn the correct spelling of quarantine, so there's that.

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