Sunday, April 26, 2020

Quarantine Diaries: Part 3 - Easter in Lock Down

Once DC's birthday was over, he quickly moved on to reminding me about Easter.

Quite honestly, I hadn't given Easter a single thought. I had forgotten all about it.

DC, aka "Mr Calendar" has just realized that Easter is coming.

"Mom! Easter is coming!"

"Mom! I love the Bunny!"

"Mom! I am so excited!"

Isn't the Easter Bunny quarantined just like the rest of us?
Please keep in mind that I cannot go anywhere without DC, so we haven't been anywhere but out for a walk or two or three. I could not find his old basket to put out for the bunny so I could only hope that IF the bunny was not quarantined, he would bring him a new basket.

The reminding continued...

In case you needed to be reminded; Easter is coming soon... That is all.

 I tried to explain to DC that due to "the sickness" he should not expect too much from the Easter Bunny this year. He has to wipe everything down before he delivers, and that takes a long time so he may not deliver as much this year.

He seemed to understand this, but it did not keep him from reminding me.

He’s changed tactics - instead of “reminding” me about Easter continuously, he is now yelling at random intervals, “Happy Easter to all and to all a good mid to late morning”#NowThatsDifferent

Easter finally arrived and unfortunately there was a "bit" of a screw up:

Poor DC. I guess the Easter Bunny couldn’t come all the way into the house so he put his stuff right inside the front door instead of the usual spot. (Probably also because we are STILL sleeping on the couch and he was trying not to wake us by coming in. Also, in case DC woke up in the middle of the night he wouldn’t be staring at his gifts) AND it was not in a basket because this year he was hoping people would leave their basket out from last year (and who knows where that is). But anyway ... DC thought he didn’t come.
The look in his face 😢
My heart broke just looking at it. 💔
Luckily I spotted it in front of the door. I’m sure that the Easter Bunny was sure there would be no way DC could miss it there, but he did.
He’s happy now.
Happy Easter - hope the Easter Bunny didn't screw up at your house. #BunnyFail

More band-aids, more markers and his favorite... jelly beans. Phew!

If you have been here long enough, you know that Easter is an "out to eat" holiday, which again put a damper on the holiday for DC.

It was a beautiful day so we went out for an "Easter Walk".
Doug met us there and DC was happy to be spending some of the day with him (with mask and practicing social distancing of course).

                 "Mom, the mask is bothering you!"
Trying to find a mask that doesn't bother him has been difficult.
Easter walk - 3 miles for Special Olympics - Second Mask Fail. He took it off but he held it to his face the whole way (why didn’t I think of that? ) 

Easter dinner was pizza and wings (again) and of course, cake.
Not the typical Easter dinner, but DC would opt for this kind of dinner anyway if he were in a restaurant.

In spite of all of the lock-down obstacles, we managed to have a Happy Easter.

As soon as Easter was over, I expected him to move on to reminding me about whatever happens to be next.


Shhh! We’ve officially passed the time of night on any given holiday when DC decides this one is over and begins to “remind” me of whatever is coming up next (in this case, Mother's Day, I would imagine) He hadn’t said a word.Weird.

 Just weird.


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