Sunday, April 26, 2020

Quarantine Diaries: DC's 'Twenty-Nineteen' (29th) Birthday

DC spent his 29th birthday in lock down. At the time of his birthday, this lock down was still relatively new and confusing to him.

I felt bad for him because he so looks forward to his birthdays, seeing friends, receiving gifts and going 'out to eat'.

Fortunately, as I said in my last post (Week One of the World Shutting Down), my birthday came the week before his, so he already had to spend one 'special day' at home. Even though all of this was new to him - it helped to ease the disappointment of not having the celebration that he had been imagining.

The first hurdle was my birthday (Friday the 13th). Restaurants, stores and just about everything else were still open but I did not feel comfortable taking him “out to eat.”
As you know, my birthday is only important as a stepping stone to his birthday and as an opportunity to go out to a restaurant. He was very upset by this so we got his favorite foods and cake and celebrated at home. He was eventually all right with this – there was cake…Overall, DC had a happy “Mom’s Birthday”. 

I prepared him all week for his birthday celebration at home, with the promise of a better celebration with his friends when "the sickness is over".

When the big day came, he was just as excited as he always is.

He had pizza, wings, cake and of course gifts, so he was a happy guy.

He received all of his favorites....

                                          Band aids....
Princess Dolls

                                  and cake.

He did not forget to remind me continuously of the promise of another celebration later, though.

DC’s Facebook status thanking everyone for the birthday wishes...“thank you every body. happy birthday to me. happy birthday everyone.”

Over the next few weeks, birthday gifts continued to arrive.

DC’s birthday gifts keep coming via US Mail and UPS. He loves it because it is extending his birthday (in his head). It’s also pretty cool that no one needs to be told just what this “guy” wants.

It’s fun seeing all of the different types of band aids that are out there - some we’ve seen before and some we haven’t, but he loves them all. They are certainly helping him get through the boredom of the quarantine #bandaids

He loves receiving mail and packages (who doesn't) and as thrilled as he was receiving them and as thrilled as I was for him, it did get to the point where I started dreading the packages because ....
another thing to wipe down.

But I was happy that he was happy.

His birthday was a success. As much of a success as it could be in lock down.

In true DC fashion; birthday over - he quickly moved on to Easter,


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