Wednesday, September 14, 2016

When I mess up

I like to share (I don't like to but I will and there is no swearing in this version) my screw-ups so maybe others will know not to do the same thing..... We had our annual Social Security assessment the other day, because, you know he might not be autistic anymore and able to hold a regular job...
Anyway, I may be the most unorganized person in the world, but not when it comes to my child. I go out of my way to make sure everything is done on time and properly. 12 years ago we had the paperwork drawn up for his "Special Needs" Trust - that will be funded with a "second to die" policy. I made sure NOTHING was in his name, no one could buy him savings bonds or leave money to him in their will. When he turned 18, we had to apply for SS in order to apply for Title 19, in order to get funding for his work program and funding for the future when I (and his Dad) am gone as he will most likely be living in a group home because there is no one else.
So.... do you know those little life insurance policies that they offer you at work (or the ones you see advertised through Gerber)? That you pretty much purchase just to get the hell out of the room? Yep, those... 
When DC was an infant, they talked me into not only one for myself (which is fine, I have to pay for my funeral somehow :) )but one for him. I though that was odd - why would any one do that? But it was explained that the benefit of buying it was that when he turned 18, I could turn it over to him and it would be his policy to do with what he wished. He could cash it out for the cash value or he could keep it as his own life insurance at the same premium that I paid 25 years ago when I bought it. He was an infant at the time so of course I did not know that when he was 18 he would not be able to understand money, hold a regular job, tell time or even know what a life insurance policy is, so I never transferred it over to him and kind of forgot about it. I was at one time planning on closing it since I really couldn't turn it over to him as planned but never got around to it.
I DID mention this account to anyone and everyone that asked; the attorney who did our trust and SS every time we were evaluated.
For some reason during this re determination this policy is an issue. As I never turned it over to him, I am the account owner. Even if he were capable understanding what a policy is and said "Oh let me cash this out." he would not be able to because I am the owner of the account. But, because it exists, and he is the insured even though he does not own or will ever benefit from the account - he is now losing his benefits until I can get the account closed, spend the money and prove I have spent it on him. Which is fine, but these things are what my nightmares are made of. I'm glad it happened while I am alive to fix it, but what if it happened later when it accumulated even more money? So the moral of the story is if you have one of these accounts and there is any cash value (it can't be over 2,000.00) - get the rid of it or make sure the cash out value is always under 2000.00. And if any family might be reading this; DO NOT LEAVE HIM ANYTHING IN ANY ONE's WILL. I don't need any more surprises, nor would it be a good thing for something else to happen years from now when I'm not around to fix it. 

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