Thursday, September 22, 2016

Speechless - It's a Keeper

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I decided to give "Speechless" a try today (I didn't get to finish watching but the little but I saw was good). DC was on his iPad next to me - he looked up and screamed "Mason Cooke! Mason Cooke!" (Spy Kids - all the time in the world) - He did the same during an episode of New Girl once and we have since day watched that same episode over 20 times, I'm sure.

Actually looking up from his iPad and watching because, Mason Cook.... he suddenly yells, "Minnie Driver! Jane from Tarzan, Mandy from Ella Enchanted, Old Wendy from Peter Pan Live!" - and with that, he went searching for "Speechless" on YouTube even though it was playing on TV right in front of him.

He's hooked.

I did finally get to watch the entire episode. I thought while over the top at times, it was hilarious. Realistically, although it is a comedy and as I said a little bit over the top, the struggles are real.... absolutely real.

I look forward to more episodes and really hope it lasts.

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