Monday, September 22, 2014

Guest Post: Spreading Awareness; Spreading the Word; #NeverWillForgetYou - by Gizelle Tolbert

Guest Post by: Gizelle Tolbert

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a very talented actor and gifted songwriter Rocopera, who is the common law uncle to Avonte Oquendo, the nonverbal severely autistic teenager, who went missing in Long Island City, New York last year. 

Mr. Rocopera wrote and produced a very moving and passionate tribute song and video called “Never Will Forget You” which is a heartfelt memoir that recreates the moments prior to Avonte’s disappearance up to the last moment he saw him alive.  

This song is dedicated in his loving memory and the proceeds from this song will be donated to credible charities. The song “Never Will Forget You” will be released on iTunes 5 days prior to Saturday, October 4th. 

The song and video will be available for free download only on October 4, 2014, the one year anniversary of Avonte's disappearance. 

(Google: free download Rocopera #NeverWillForgetYou 10.4.14)

We are requesting that you talk about or write about this beautiful song.  For not only will the song leave an ever lasting impression on you and your friends and/or readers who also may have also lost loves ones due to tragedy but will also have a major impact on the Autism Community; which Rocopera knows so very well because his son Javan, Avonte’s cousin, is also autistic.   

We would like to thank you for assisting in spreading the word about the song and spreading it's loving message. Thank you for helping to spread awareness about the tragedy so that what happened to Avonte and many others due to wandering will not be in vain. It’s very important we continue to raise Awareness about Autism which is affecting 1 out of 68 of our lovely children. It is the fastest growing serious developmental disability in the U.S.  

If you feel as though you would like to help us spread the word by contacting local or national news organizations, radio or print outlets, please contact me at for additional information, press releases or flyers.

Thank you for your consideration of this special request.

Please also visit Rocopera's twitter page:

 #NeverWillForgetYou @RocoperaLive
A place where anyone that has lost a loved one can share photos, 
stories and memories about that person or persons.  

Thank you,
Gizelle Tolbert

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