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#TravelingWithDC - Puerto Rico with a side of Disney and Harry Potter

(January 2011)
The plan was not go to Disney. I did not want DC to think that every airplane lands in Disney, but....
it always happens...
"How can we be this close and not go?"

We headed to Orlando specifically to go to Universal for the new (at the time) Wizarding World of Harry Potter, then onto Puerto Rico. Disney was not to be in the mix.

But..... knowing how much he loves Disney, we couldn't skip it.

I have already written about the Disney leg of the trip in "Looking Handsome in the Princess Room" so I will just give you a few photos of that and Universal and move on to Puerto Rico....

There was quite a big storm the morning we left and it was doubtful that we would even be able to take off. If I remember correctly, ours was one of the very flights few that did.

The plan was to go to Downtown Disney first and then to The Magic Kingdom around 5 or 6 since it was not in the original plan. Universal would be the following day so we could spend more time there than we did during the last trip.

When we arrived at Disney at 5:30 we discovered that it was CLOSING at 6 pm!!!!!!! The entire park had been rented out for a private party!!!!!

Try explaining THAT one to DC!!!

This meant that we had to try to do both parks the following day.. So much for spending extra time at Universal.

We should have stuck to our "No Disney" plan, but it was too late for that.


I am a big baby and cannot (will not) go on the bigger rides. But..... it is a requirement that I be the one that rides The Cat in the Hat with him. When there is not line (even when there is), he just wants to get off and go right back in line and do it again. I have been on this ride more times that I can count or care to remember.

Moving on to Harry Potter... It was so, so crowded....

On to Disney: I believe this was the trip that we discovered Story Time With Bell was gone!

Me doing a Happy Dance:

But.... as a punishment for the aforementioned Happy Dance, we were required to see the castle show more than once... much more than once.

Finally... On to Puerto Rico (MY favorite place)

We left home during a storm a few days before and apparently they continued to get more snow.
DC seemed to be enjoying his "snow day" on the balcony...

A slide is always a hit, but the swim-up lunch was even better.

Walking (and riding) around Old San Juan

Please note the Hard Rock bag.... if there is a Hard Rock to be found, DC will find it.

It always amazes me; he is terrified of dogs, cats and most other animals, but horses.... not at all. (His terror of all animals has decreased a bit over the years)

DC loves to dance and joined the Cha-Cha lessons they were giving at the hotel. He did a lot better than I would have.

More sightseeing:

 More dancing the following night.. I do not know the name of the dance they were learning but DC did a great job again!

Puerto Rico was a hit with him. I was worried, but he did really well.

Just so you know...... Doug's choice of footwear was bad enough but WITH socks......

was NOT happening.....

No, No. NO!

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