Sunday, December 8, 2013

A poem by my friend Charlie

The poem below was written by my friend, Charlie Henbury. Aside from his busy schedule as a college student Charlie spends a great deal of his time spreading Autism Awareness. He is an inspiration and I am proud to know him.

In your eyes I met like snow in the rain. Robbing comfort in the predictability and as I revel in your gaze I bleed into anonymity can I be close to you? can I admire you for a moment. Compare you with a spectacular view how can a simple glance from you be so visceral. You broke down so many of my walls like I’ve dug up my own pitfalls cold from the outside but warming rapidly as days unwind. I know I can no longer lie, no matter how hard I try.

- Charlie Henbury -December 7, 2013


I am proud of you, Charlie!

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