Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Just a Little Story about Coats and Jackets

DC has a jacket from his Winter Guard team that he LOVES. He insists on wearing it everywhere. He also has the newer version of the jacket which he likes but it does not come close to the older version; windbreaker, lined with hood. The thing is OLD and is falling apart. Since he won't give it up and they don't order this type anymore, I found some sort or repair patch for the giant hole along the hood line... 
I told him I was going to fix it and he needed to leave it alone for two days while the patch set. No Problem..
This morning I told him he could wear his jacket again.
"I don't want to wear it"
sigh..... Did I ruin it by fixing it?
I can't get an answer.
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Coat/Jacket Update:
DC's refusal to wear his favorite Winter Guard Jacket was due to the expectation of it being cold out (it isn't) and wearing his other Jacket./Coat obsession... The Dreaded Brown Corduroy Jacket. 
Let me tell you about THIS jacket:
It is OLD. It is ratty looking. The lining no longer looks clean after washing. He Loves it. It is his in-between season coat. It is warm enough for mild winter days and the colder part of spring and fall.
Years ago DC had a brown corduroy jacket that he was very attached to. He was getting small and a little worse for wear, but I could not get him to part with it.
One day about 8 years ago, he went out for the day with his friend BB and BB's mother. DC left the jacket where ever they were. I was happy, but BB's mother insisted on replacing it. I told her that I was glad it was gone, but she insisted and 8 years later, I am still trying to get him to give it up.
So I did not "ruin" his Winter Guard Coat by fixing it - he just has something else in mind.
The Brown Coat is going away for the season and he opted happily for his Winter Guard coat.
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